Monday, June 26, 2023

The Hunt Begins

 *Editor's note: I made it home this morning at 0200 - 10 hours later than expected with a $1500 travel voucher in hand. I will blog about my weekend adventures after I collect all the photos I need. 

Stacia finished her last college class for the semester last week. This week she is assisting at a local VBS and starting the hunt for a job.  I LOVE that she sent photos as she went about her hunt, thanks sweetz. I began to see a theme. 

We love how Stacia's years in Japan have marked her. One would not simply barge into a workplace and demand an application. It would be rude to interupt and rude to ask without giving something in return....

And so everywhere Stacia went she would buy something, and then ask if they were accepting applications or resumes. She came home with one application, a request to come back tomorrow and fill out an application and 6 places to return with resumes. 

Her previous resume is inappropriate for this current search. We created a new one. I think it turned out great. Our printer is making an odd line through it. Tomorrow, she will take it to UPS and print out some nice, clean copies on 25 weight paper.  We were happy when Michael only found the need to make one change to her resume. 

She's hopoing to work 20 - 25 hours as she goes to college.  

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