Wednesday, June 14, 2023

This Girl is on FIRE!

 Well, then! 

The day began bright and early. I had a LONG list of things to get done today so I can enjoy the next 4 days of socializing and hospitality. While I worked my list Papa kept working on his project for the grands. I think he's trying to have it finished by Saturday.  The rain and wind have made it difficult - but it's shaping up. Their little house matches our house now. 

I picked up groceries - and had to run into the store for all the things they wouldn't let me put on the click it order and for a few items I wanted to buy for Women's Ministry. 

I came home and made two desserts - one for Thursday night and one for Saturday. I forgot the gummy worms for Thursday night. (Just made a note to pick some up while I'm out tomorrow). 

I am TERRIBLE about making calls to schedule appointments. I scheduled Stacia's wisdom teeth extraction, Millie's grooming, an appointment for Dad and a pedi for me. I had to call and reschedule the first three when I realized the girls and I are going to be off exploring Alaska with Krista during the time I scheduled the appointments...this wasn't the most efficient use of time. While I was on the phone with the oral surgeon my car went CRAZY. I could NOT get the alarm to turn off and it got louder and louder and louder! YIKES. Michael finally got the crazy thing turned off. 

Stacia came up and offered to help me do a general cleaning of the house. I was THANKFUL. 

At about 2 p.m. I really needed some breakfast. ::snort::  I had resisted the urge to buy a chai from my favorite coffee shack when picking up groceries. I so wanted to take it to the river with a book...but I KNEW I could have chai at home....on my deck...with one of my blueberry seemed important to make sure I actually DID this or it will be harder resisting temptation NEXT time.  Stacia agreed and joined me for a tea break. 

The little break gave us a second wind. Stacia is working hard to have all her work done for her current Global class. She is scheduled to take the final exam on Friday and needs all the projects and work turned in first. She went off to work, play with Millie and who knows....

I entered receipts into our spreadsheet, cleaned bathrooms, did my hair...these chickens live a good life....chai tea...they were more interested in pecking my painted toenails. I'm trying to keep them happy as I need 2 doz eggs for dishes I'm making between now and Saturday. LOL 

Then JENNI walked in the door! I love pop ins.  We don't get a lot of surprise visitors out here. I guess it wasn't a pure pop in, but as I hadn't checked my texts - it counts as a surprise! 

Then ALLIE walked in! I thought she'd be busy until late tonight - it was fun to see her a bit earlier than expected. Stacia and Jenni headed out to talk all things children's church. I threw dinner at Michael and Dad. Allie and I raced to the church. Michael and Dad followed. 

We prayed, visited, had women's Bible study and youth. Michael edited last Sunday's service video and began the upload. I stuck around after study to publish it to's been a good day. 

Everything on the list other than "pay bills x2" is checked off. 

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