Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Tuesday Didn't Slow Down

Monday was lived at warp speed? Tuesday certainly didn't slow down. I started the day over at CoRielle's playing with the boys. Things started tame enough with a favorite read aloud. 

Later in the day I texted a few favorite photos to Arielle. She commented we did ALL the kits. Well not all of them, but the boys DO love to get into the closet with kits and games. The rule is one at a time. We worked through them and had a blast. 
Magnetic tiles

They love the construction kit. "Maam may I help you?" Such a kind gentleman. I asked for help finding a thingamujig to fix my whatzit. Benny was up to the task. LOL 

Exchanging kits - One of Little Buddy's favorite things to do! 

I'm not sure why pounding yourself is a hit with these guys...

Danny liked the filter from this tile.  About this time a bird flew right into the window. He was stunned and the boys got a close up look through the window at the little thing. He eventually flew away. 

The 2-year-olds and I played with the Ducks. My goal was to buy Benny a bit of peace to play with playdough. 

Bachan down! I developed a headache. Took a pill - on an empty stomach and got nauseated. LOL 

I visited briefly with Arielle when she got home before she had to leave for Little Buddy's therapy. I drove off to meet Michael and Ed for lunch. 

Michael ran an errand after lunch and I stole the time to do some shopping. I had great plans for getting a lot done in the afternoon. LOL 

I had just enough time at home to hug Allie, unload "stuff" and pick up Stacia. We went to get Lorelei, a friend of hers, from Bre's house where Lorelei's little sister and Mom were having a tea party with Bre and her kids. The girls had a great time exploring town. I sat in the car with a chai tea and caught up on text messages and did as much "work" as I could. 

Stacia and I created some fajita type concoction for dinner. Then she and I got busy making chocolate creations, cookies and treats for tomorrow's event. 

While we worked in the kitchen Michael worked on the playhouse. He's sanded, pressure washed, and primed the roof. When I got home GG was sanding boards on the deck. We need to find more projects like this for him to do. 
Michael is done with work for the day. GG is in bed. Stacia just went to soak her feet and go to bed. I'm ready to call it a day as well. It's been a full day. 

Oh - can you guess what we're up to? 
If we're not too tired at the end of the day tomorrow we'll share more photos and details. It's going to be fun. 

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