Thursday, July 13, 2023

8th Day of Summer

Our plan has been to combine brekky studies through most of the will make one less morning to be up and out of the house we began the day with Brekky and Study.  I sure love spending time with these two. 

Allie had a few items to take care of at the DMV so she headed over there and we headed to get our hair cut. She waited 2 1/2 hours and accomplished 2 of the 3 things on her list. LOL She wanted to join us at our ABC tour so we decided we'll go back for the last item. 

Meanwhile - WHY? ::snort:: Actually, I love Courtney's hair cuts but she always pulls it all straight and flat against my face. We were sad to hear Courtney is moving....and so our search for a new salon or stylist begins. 

I insisted we go home so I could fluff the hair a bit before we went out in public. It's still not "right" but it will be after I wash it...and wait about a week. LOL 

We are dealing with lists and lists of things we've needed to get done but everything seems to have to wait for another piece of paper...and so we are unraveling it all one piece at a time. We spent the bulk of the afternoon helping the girls adult.  Much of this amounted to laying on the couch with my book and offering helpful comments. ::snort:: 

I grabbed this from Arielle's instagram. If yesterday made 7 days of summer, then I guess today was our 8th day of summer. We actually got up to 75* here on our deck.  I thought we were on the 6th day of summer so I must have missed a couple of days while I was in OR - where it was REALLY summer. 

I kept dreaming of all the things we could be doing outside - but we needed to get other things done today. It was a good day. 
Nah, this doesn't look less posed. LOL 

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