Sunday, July 09, 2023

A Very Full Sunday

We had a very full Sunday. 

Stacia worked with children. 

Allie and I prepared/served drinks and greeted people before and after service.

Michael did things. ::snort:: 

After church we had a member's business meeting. Some of our favorite people. 


We had just enough time for lunch at a local diner before we needed to be in the next town to watch Sound of Freedom.  We had made arrangements to watch the movie with friends. We added more friends for lunch. 
Front table: GG, Mike, Krista, Danny, Scottlyn, Rachel, Jennifer, Ed
Back Table: Korbyn, me, Jenni, Stacia, Noah, Allie, Jess, Scott

Man! This gal loves her popcorn. ::wink:: 

It's hard to SEE who is here...but envision 10 faces in the dark. LOL   This is nearly the same group as our Chosen outing. We thought the theme of the movie would be a bit much for a couple of folks who went with us last time as they have younger children. 

Sound of Freedom. WOW. This is NOT a feel-good movie. It was well done, moving and is an important story to tell. The move centers on Tim Ballard, a federal agent who resigned to rescue children from sex trafficking. It packs a punch.  It is really good. I was prepared for the theme...I was surprised at how much the little children and jungles were personally triggering. I thought I was prepared, but I wasn't. I actually felt nauseous through much of the movie and was wondering WHY I didn't think of how this would impact me.  Stacia said she heard my breathing shift and wondered if I was going to make it. I did. 

Two lines from the movie that stayed with me: 

"God's children are not for sale."  

"When God tells you do something; don't hesitate." 

I AM glad I saw this movie. It is an inspiring story, and it is an IMPORTANT story for us to be aware of as society works towards solutions. One of our former assignments is known to be in one of the heaviest trafficking areas in the United States.  There were many local newspaper articles and such telling young kids what to be aware of and instructing adults how to protect children. There was a wonderful home for girls rescued from trafficking and our women's group got involved in meeting some of their needs. It's a topic we are aware of - and one I continue to try to find ways to be a part of solving. 

However, if you are planning on going to the movie consider the ages of the folks attending with you, and if you've got abuse in your past - prepare for the impact. 

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