Friday, July 07, 2023

Rainy Summer Days

 We've had a couple of rainy summer days. In keeping with my commitment to live fully present I am EMBRACING this rather odd summer. The past few days have been filled with candles, twinkle lights, baking, reading, hosting visitors...not what we had planned for the summer...but its restful, it's good. 

I was down to one lonely blueberry scone and a few chocolate chip scones. I made 20 apple cinnamon scones and 20 more blueberry scones. They are wrapped, in the freezer and will keep us well in the next week or two. 

Rainy days scream for baking

Yes, baking by candlelight. A gray day screams for winter lighting tricks! THIS is why one doesn't bother taking "Christmas" lights down in Alaska. 

Thursday, I took the girls to brunch - together. We are currently not working on a study locally or with Bible Babes. The girls and I are enjoying doing our OWN reading and SOAKing.  We decided to meet together and share with each other what we are meditating on. This week it was Psalms and 1 John...

Thursday evening, we hosted a young couple Allie met at work. They have big changes looming in their near future. We can't fix everything, but we can help with a dinner, and one small aspect of making life easier for them.  Which we did. Stacia visited and then jumped out for Japanese conversations with Sensei Kim and a Japanese friend. 

Rainy days pair well with cozy mysteries and fuzzy blankets!  I finished these two Friday morning and the library won't be open until Monday. I do my best to avoid such emergencies.  I started a non-fiction on boundaries which has been sitting at the ready for a few months. LOL 

This teeny egg is from one of our older girls. The younger ones haven't begun to lay and won't for another 4 - 6 weeks. I googled and discovered a mature hen can lay a small egg due to "reproductive upset. " They mentioned a change in seems to me this rainy week has upset one of our girls reproductive system. 

Friday night Stacia enjoyed a movie party at a friend from youth group. Allie worked. Us older three ate a rather quiet dinner and sat around and read. LOL 

We made plans to go to the movies Sunday afternoon. We even bought tickets - that's commitment. We'll go with a friends from church.  See? Something bright to look forward to during a rainy week. Has anyone else seen Sound of Freedom yet? I'm assuming the topic is too mature for our friends with younger kids....but we are all youth or adults so should be o.k. 

And now I think a sone and a cuppa tea is  just the ticket. 

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