Sunday, August 13, 2023

A Week in ONE Shot!

 This past week was a whirlwind. It WASN'T busier than usual, per se, but it felt heavier, out of control. Yet, I know it was perfectly in control. Anyway - I didn't blog so it's time to do a catch-up blog. 

Much of this week was spent interceding for a local church body, their pastor and staff. I found myself reflecting on what makes a man great and what sort of legacy I want to leave. This quote was meaningful to me this week. 

"Each time, before you intercede, be quiet first, and worship God in His glory. Think of what He can do, and how He delights to hear the prayers of His redeemed people. Think of your place and privilege in Christ and expect great things!" Andrew Murray

In the end, the answer was not what I desired. Pastor John is with Jesus - and that is good. Many are broken hearted in our community - that is hard. We continue to contemplate and pray. It was a week of journaling thoughts, memories, prayers and promises.

 Michael "and I" moved logs left behind from MEA's cutting of our front row of trees. At least we got some good firewood out of the deal. 

Hmm....along the way we discovered maybe the kids needed a bit more oversight yesterday at the potluck in our home. ::snort:: I wonder how many of them attempted to walk the plank into the abyss. No one was hurt.

The chickens sure love any dandelion, chickweed or garden extras we throw at them. We want to reseed the chicken yard but am unsure how to keep them from eating it all in one week. Honestly, we were told to build a sturdy fence due to the nature of predators in our area. We don't move them around the yard.... but they are destroying their yard...if any of you have these dynamics, I'd love to hear what you do? We are thinking of buying some portable fencing and moving them about in the yard, garden, woods as we can.... we haven't had a bear in here yet...just other critters and birds. 

Tis the season for wildflowers, and weeds with pretty colors. 

I didn't play with the boys this Tuesday, but I did have produce co-op. This led to hours of a humming dehydrator as I dried another case of mushrooms. We use them much better if they are dried. 

When all the produce was put up and dinner was done.... Dad decided it was time to go to bed. The three of us decided it was time to sit by the campfire. Our circle around the fire ring is getting smaller. We have had far too few campfires this year. Michael suggests them often.  Usually, by the time GG goes to bed (he doesn't like sitting outside) we're all too tired to go out and build a fire. ::snort:: 

Note Millie is still rather removed from the fire behind the chairs, but she IS sitting quietly with us. It's progress. 

Another #mugshot

Getting a bit dark to read

Wednesday was full of work, youth group and a women's ministry team meeting. Michael went to lunch with Alex.  Arielle brought the boys over on Thursday for a tie dye party with Stacia. They planned to go out on the picnic tables.  Can you see the problem? 

Mr. Moose had other plans for the yard. 

The kids relocated.


Behind the scenes. 

Friday began with us three women heading for vision exams. These are the pairs of glasses the girls picked out. I am a bit sad about my pair. I was hoping my eyes hadn't changed as I LIKE my current glasses. They cost $500. I wasn't going back to that spot. I'm nervous about doing online glasses with bi-focals.  I picked out the 9.99 pair and by the time they added the bi-focals, anti scratch and whatever else they cost me $209.00.  Stacia found it funny that all the glasses I tried on had to pass the hug test. My first pair got in the way of hugs. 

Our baby chicks have begun to lay - or someone is playing a trick on us. It makes NO SENSE for us not to have caught any of the tiny eggs...just big, white eggs. We didn't expect them to lay white eggs. There is the one small one so we know one of them is laying...but these are huge eggs and I wouldn't expect them yet. Come clean - who put the eggs in the little chick's yard on Sunday????? Joelle? Jenni? It was you wasn't it, Jenni?  I'm floating them and they float so we are eating them. LOL I'm not giving them away or selling them until I KNOW they are laying them. 

Millie began to get CRAZY. We finally checked outside, and Michael was LAYING in the yard. He was checking out the tiller, but Millie was convinced he'd fallen. She acts the same way when Dad falls. 

After he sat up and she confirmed he was fine - she stole his work gloves. He always puts them on to play with her. 

The boys couldn't stay away any longer and stopped by Friday afternoon to see if their tie dye shirts were ready. I'm not sure when Arielle snapped this photo at HER house - but it shows their shirts and Stacia. LOL 
📷 by Arielle

Krista happened to stop by while Arielle and the boys were at our house. We like having their storage shed on our property. LOL  She had spent the past week or so in Guam. She had a long layover in Tokyo and tried to hunt down senbei for us. She also got this cute little "traditional summer outfit" for Benny. 

Krista headed out to the manmade lake to join Luke and the kids for a swim. It was COLD. Alaskans will be Alaskans. We got a call in a couple of hours asking if it would be O.K. for them to drop by for a fire and s'mores! We were thrilled. This is one of the rare times we've had the kids over here without the WHOLE GANG. We hoped it would be less overwhelming for them. They got warm drinks and joined us around the fire. S'mores were enjoyed by all. 

We aren't sure what joke Larissa told Noah - but he thought she was incredibly funny! She was sweet to send the photos along to us. 
📷by Larissa

📷by Larissa

📷by Larissa

Bre's crew got their books in the mail! She sent these photos! 
📷by BreAnne

Jared and Larissa took Noah to his first museum this week. He was suitably impressed. 
📷by Larissa

Look where Josiah, Carrie and Liv are! They are in OREGON at a family reunion for Carrie's family. It made me so happy to see they were able to work it out to meet up with Nate (my baby brother) and Heather. I do miss the Oregon coast, and those smiling faces! 
📷by Carrie

Saturday Michael had men's breakfast/study. He left at 7:15 to prepare breakfast. I got Dad up and took him over at 9 a.m. Stacia was babysitting. While Dad was occupied, I raced to the store to do some shopping for our little coffee corner and then I set up the tables and pulled out supplies so I wouldn't have to come back in the evening. 

Stacia came home and stayed with GG, Allie went to work, and Michael, and I enjoyed dinner with Aaron and Elise, a young family we used to spend much more time was fantastic. Cute kids, great food, fun conversation.  

Oh yes, sometime on Saturday I made a broccoli salad, a "San Francisco Bar" and a bowl of watermelon/berries and feta for Sunday's church potluck. 

And just like that the week was over and another was beginning. 

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