Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Our Baby Turned 18 Today!

 Our baby turned 18 today. It sort of snuck up on us. Stacia used to begin counting down the days until her birthday on Day 200.  This year we mentioned it on Day 18 and again on Day 7...and suddenly it is here! She got up at 0700 again and we snuggled under blankets, while everyone else slept, and watched another episode of White Collar.  She made French toast for her and GG for breakfast. I joined them for a birthday scone. 

Allie had the day off again today. We talked about when to give Stacia gifts and decided our best bet was right before we left for her birthday lunch. Allie finds the BEST gifts. Check this out. 

Stacia had asked for some Nikon stuff...and I was taken in by this. It looked VERY real from across the room....up's a cup! 

We met Alex and Jamin at Alaska's Best Phillies - or something close to that. It was a fun lunch. 

We ran Allie home so she could meet up at the church to help prepare for tonight's Back to School Olympics. The rest of us went for a quick drive. 

Stacia soon left for youth group. This was her last night in the youth group. It was BITTERsweet.  She knows she is doing what she should be doing, but transitions can be tough. Our church doesn't have a college age group that is as close knit as the youth group has been. I'm praying she meets friends at college to help fill the void...and, of course, she CAN still hang out with her friends in the youth group - just won't be as easy and natural.  Community is worth being intentional about. 

Speaking of intentional, a friend invited me to spend a couple of hours with her during youth group. It was great to have time to connect without the typical time constraints we have when we are together. I cannot tell you how much I love my developing girl tribe. 

Look who started school today! Olivia (Livie) is in 5th grade. 
📷by Carrie

Better watch out guys! She'll be 18 before you know it! Don't blink...just stop blinking!!!

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