Friday, August 18, 2023

Papa's Playdate

 Sunday the grands at church asked Michael if they could have a Grandpa Playdate at their house this week. He suggested they come to our house Friday afternoon. I had plans to run errands and let them have time alone...but in the end they had been asking if Grandma would be around too - and it was fun to be a part of their grand day.  It was a blast to see Michael set aside his to do list and simply play with the kids. 

Note I made the cookies for papas playdate!


Annie checking for eggs

Jojo dancing to Papa's piano

Papa built a gate to our orchard today. Annie helped sweep the area with the magnet on a stick for spare nails, screws etc. 

These two loved riding down the drive. Annie started down the hill, heading for the gravel pile, Michael grabbed her off the bike in good time to save her from her impending crash. She had no clue how to break but if the big kids could do it, she was certainly going to try. They spent time learning how to break. 
Gideon and Bella 


Papa's tired out - they decided to watch clouds

And how did my second day of the girls' college career go?  I enjoyed some quiet moments on the deck. 
mug shot 

I deep cleaned the common area downstairs and did more laundry. I researched a couple of Bible studies, spent some time journaling, praying and studying. There was nothing left to do but - BAKE.  I have found baking is a good way to think. 

I made cookies for Papa's playdate.  GG came out of his room and said, "I smell you're baking. I bet they're all sugar free."  Um...the ones on the right are keto - sugar free cookies. 

This is a cross between an apple pie and a cobbler. Not sure what to call it. LOL 

I made 5 dozen deviled eggs. That ought to keep this group for a bit of time? 

I planned to bake a cheesecake, but in the end decided the opportunity to sit and visit with Bre while Michael played with the kids was too great to pass up. I have no regrets. 

Allie and Stacia went to the fair after finishing up at the college. ABC gave all the Freshman free tickets. They are having a blast. They've finished all the entrance tests, all the sessions provided to incoming students, fees are paid, books and tuition paid...they are fully oriented.  They are getting a clearer picture of how in person vs/ online college compare. There are pros and cons for each option. They met many professors. They liked their fellow students. Stacia reports she didn't even hit a 1 on the anxiety scale we use around here. We have been very impressed with all the staff and professors we've met. 

Stacia raced to her laptop for her Japanese class when she got home. Allie took me into town to buy a few things for tomorrow and to pick up a pizza. We wanted to be together, I could have done it alone. I decided to unashamedly buy a cheesecake instead of making one. I was going to pass one off as my chocolate Andes cheesecake, but Bre said they'd know. LOL 

The kids went home. We had pizza. We spent the evening watching comfort Family Affair and the original Parent Trap.  It was a relaxing evening at the end of a busy week...going into a busier weekend. 

Jared and Larissa sent another couple of darling shots from Juneau. They're on their way back home. 
Such joy!

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