Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Prayer, Praise, Link to Josiah's Celebration of Life service

Prayer Requests:

1. Dad has a nasty cold. Which leads to hard logistics in the next couple of days...and its difficult to be a good caregiver when you want to crawl back into bed.
2. You can imagine how hard today and tomorrow will be for our family - pray for Jesus to carry us.

Here is the link to Josiah's Celebration of Life. All are invited to attend or view at 5:30 pm AK time (8:30 central).
In lieu of flowers please consider a donation to Hope to AK.
Tonight, I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who fly all the way up here and spend the day sitting with GG, folding laundry, sweeping the floors so we could go say our goodbyes to Josiah.
2. A caring funeral director.
3. Pizza dinner for a CROWD and a chance to hug John and Jacque.
4. Rose in Kansas sending a care package of tea....and local friend, Yadira showing up with groceries, snacks, milk, tea...things are already set out for people to snack tomorrow as they come in and out.
5. Michael's brother, Earl, and nephew, Jerome, arriving.
6. Jamin and Pastor Brian putting me down for 10 min in the Celebration of Life program - even though I said I needed 3-5min.
Note: photo below taken in front of our tent on an annual dipnetting trip. Josiah LOVED having the family all together and FISHING.

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