Monday, November 06, 2023

Two Weeks, Prayer Requests, & Thankful thoughts

Two weeks since Josiah was killed.

While the world moves on and we have to begin getting back to routines (college, work...) everything feels different and changed for us.
The ache is big.
I want it to be a nightmare.

Via Carrie's FB
Prayer Requests:
We are ever so thankful for the community of prayer warriors surrounding us.
1. Court today.
2. Clarity for decisions.
3. Josiah's, provision and safety.
Photo via Carrie

Thankful for
1. Brendan, Siakayle and Daisy for staying with Dad.
2. Family and friends gathering at the courthouse. Bail remains, defendent will stay in jail until trial. Discovery set for Dec 20th. Thanks for making the trip Kaleah.
3. Visit with Carrie and Liv. I can't tell you how much we love these girls. It's a comfort to be with them.
4. Michael's winter driving skills.
5. Quiche from Costco for dinner. I think all the Costco meals are from Aaron and Elise. So glad not to have to cook.

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