Monday, December 04, 2023

Monday Doings

Once again, I took no photos...but trust me on this! Stacy came over this morning and brought a tea party with her. What a treat. The girls were doing homework - final's week is coming up and assignments are due this week. Michael was busy. GG was in his chair reading the paper.  Oliver stayed home with Ethan. The tree blocks the view of the table...we were able to set up our tier of treats and visit for a solid hour - maybe a bit longer. 

I ran eggs across town. 

Cory, Arielle and the boys dropped by...another impromptu hot chocolate party - AFTER they got some outside minutes in. LOL 

It's fun to watch the grands play with the same nativity I had when our kids were little. I realized I need to get some Christmas board books to go with our kids books. 

I had some extra time to journal and do an advent for my soul. We are reading a chapter of Luke a day after we read Ch. 4.  That's about all for the day. 

1. Extra time to pray, journal and study this a.m. 
2. Tea treats with Stacy - faithful friends. 
3. Assurance that God is the ultimate chess player, and He never loses a game! 


Unknown said...

Fun board book: Boynton's Moo Baa Fa la la; "deck the halls with cows & holly..." it's quite entertaining & very sing-able. (Liz)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for the recommendation.