Saturday, December 16, 2023


 We are soooo tired tonight. Stacia had a full day prepping for play practice, directing play practice, and then babysitting. 

Stacia gave Gideon and Bella the roles of Joseph and Mary. This eliminated any odd dynamic of boy/girl in the play. They need a box to stand on so they can be seen. 

Annie is going to be a sheep - here she is with two shepherds. 

I helped with costumes at play practice, went shopping and then finished what I could on the guest room. Michael changed the sediment filter for the well water system...and then we moved all the boxes back under the stairs. It would be much easier if that filter/pump was at the FRONT of the space rather than the back. 

This is an odd arrangement. Check out the long hall to the spare room. The bathroom is on the other side of the right wall, the stairs and such to the left. 

I enlisted help with twinkly lights.

Freddies didn't have lamp shades so I'm going to have to try Walmart in Eagle River. How convenient to roll out of bed and hit the treadmill. 

While cleaning I focused on a quilt hanging on my wall the kids gave me when I had Stacia. It has all their handprints. I couldn't resist putting my hand in Josiah's print and I cried. Then Allie hugged me and on the other wall I saw our family photo from San Angelo...Josiah at 

Our nerdy nuts arrived. Stacia is home. Allie is home. We're going to watch, "While You Were Sleeping," and eat apples and nerdy nuts. 


1. Seeing great friends while helping Stacia at the Play practice. 

2. Twinkly lights and a lava lamp in the guest room. 

3. Our nerdy nuts arrived. 

4. Michael finished the under-the-stairs job so we could move all the stuff that usually belongs under the stairs back. 

5. Allie helped me clean. 

6. I'm learning the world doesn't fall apart if I cry. I'm getting more comfortable with the emotional roller coaster. 

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Anonymous said...

Crying, for me, is often a way to physically release emotion & stress - like that building-to-critical-level stress, like stress in a mechanical device that’s going to break it - do you know what I mean? Stress doesn’t seem the best word since it usually means something kind of different. But the crying effort helps me get over the mountain of whatever just hit my heart & brain. I can cry through it until my energy-store of emotion runs dry for the moment. Then I have that John Piper moment of “get up & wash your face” and do the next thing.

All that to say, I generally feel like crying is a good & useful thing. A needful thing. Almost like if you have a cramp, you need to stretch to release it. Refusing to stretch (or cry) doesn’t help, though sometimes it looks awkward to stop what you’re doing & have a brief breakdown. I’m glad you’re feeling like it’s okay to do that, that attitude has seemed helpful in my life - even to the point of telling those around me “I have to cry now, because it helps me, and it would help for you to…” whatever - ignore me, pat my back, hold me, let me leave the room, don’t leave me alone.

While you were Sleeping is also on our list of Christmas movies that are fun to watch. I watched Christmas Train over the weekend, but I like the book better. Same with Skipping Christmas / Christmas with the Kranks - way prefer the book but it’s so much faster to watch the movie.