Sunday, December 03, 2023

Sunday in the Valley

In some ways this was a more "normal" Sunday for us. We went to church here in Palmer, rather than Eagle River as 1/2 the "kids" were traveling this week. It was good to see loved friends and to be back at a place where we invested our hearts and lives for 6 years. 

We went out with Brendon and Siakayle and kids after church. They are MOVING - soon. I'm so thankful God let our lives intersect for these years. I can't believe I didn't take PICTURES. 

Krista walked in to DQ as we were finishing up. Michael took GG home and I hopped in with Krista. We ran to get tree lights and stopped at Nonessentials. Stacia and Allie came home to work on homework. Krista and I stopped by to visit with Nolan and Alex before coming home. 

Arielle and the boys were at the house when we got home...Hot Chocolate Party. Krista got the boys and Ellie (Baby #4) Mario mugs with hot chocolate bombs! LOL 

When everyone had gone home....The girls, Michael and I set around the table and talked about Jn 1:4-5, Jesus being Prophet and read Luke 3.  Our Advent season is off and running. 


1. Seeing loved friends this morning. Sunday dinner with dear friends before they move to SD.
2. Summer peach balsamic vinegar.
3. A fun visit with Krista, Nolan and Alex.

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