Thursday, February 29, 2024

Random Photos of Grands from February

 I haven't felt much like blogging. 

It seems pointless to say - another day - grief and joy - living together. 

People surely are tired of hearing me say, "I miss Josiah," and yet, how do I write without mentioning the tension we live in these days? 

Then I took a look at all these magical photos which have showed up on my phone and google photos account. 

This is a family journal. 

It's time to journal life - and if it bores people - they certainly don't have to read. ::snort:: 

Here are very visible manifestations of our hearts! Yep, just random photos of the grands...some I clicked, some were sent by their parents. Assume the REALLY cute ones were taken by parents. ::snort:: 

It's fitting Josi Faith begins our photo show. She joined the family on Feb. 7th, and I've yet to blog her arrival. She's such a joy to the entire family.  Olivia is a fantastic big sister. Carrie caught this shot and shared. 

Josi and Livie

Such a huggable baby girl! 

Painting with the boys - after Feb 14th - not quite sure when. LOL Arielle has resigned from her job and I no longer have a weekly date with the boys. We'll have to do something about that soon...after they settle into life with their new darling. 

Budding artists

Check out the cool hat Aunt Co-co brought home from her travels for Jo-jo! 

This has been a big month for Trudy (above and below). She proved she had the climbing gene all of BreZaak's kids have had...and by the end of February she is PUBLICALLY doing what we all knew she was doing in secret - walking! 

One Sunday several were sick at our home. Stacia and I didn't feel like wrestling GG up the ramp at our church in Eagle River.  It's tricky. We opted to find Cory and Arielle and go to a new church with them. After church we went out to dinner... It was a nice Sunday. 

Charles and Benny

Danny entertained us with creamer shots! LOL 
I get a kick out of seeing how the boys dress each week.  Benny has always been quite serious about his unique style and the younger two have picked up the habit. Today, they all had plaid shirts, khakis, boots, and floppy boat hats from Aunt Co-co. Benny added a tie as it was an extra-special Sunday. 

Josi's first week at church. 

Jared, GG and Noah 

Kicking back at home! This little guy has a BIG PERSONALITY! He's a delight. 

Seesters! yes, Josi is a mixture of Carrie and Josiah. She obviously  has inherited the Gherkin Scowl! Genetics are strong. She's also long and thin...and she has her Daddy's dimples.

Such a sweetheart! Are you tired of grand photos? I have more. 

Alaska weather tried to fake us out this year. February was beautiful. We had several weeks of temps above freezing. CoRielle took the opportunity to get outside! 

Benny finished his school year on the last day of February! March is baby month in their home. 

Noah loves his dinner! LOL 

Nancy, a friend for our very first USAF assignment at Malmstrom AFB, made the girls these matching pants! 

On Mondays Stacia has a huge chunk of time between her classes. She could come home but has been staying in town and studying and skiing at a local park. One day she used the break to go to BreZaak's and go sledding with the kids! 



Stacia and Bella

Such a sweet boy!

 Trudy has been enjoying some time in her chair up close to the others during school time. Those counting bears are the BEST for keeping toddlers happy during table school. 

Precious Trudy! 

Josi may have gotten bored at Life group but she was stylin for sure! 

Pastor Brian asked me a month or so ago where I was finding joy these days. I didn't have a ready answer - it's a loaded question in this season. But - this - family, the continuation of LIFE is certainly a big place where Michael and I find joy. 

The thing I'm learning is even in the best of times...there is a shadow, a tinge of sadness. That is o.k. In fact, the tension of allowing grief and joy to exist together adds dimension and depth to my relationship with Jesus. I've been meeting with a counselor. He is impressed at my determination to live present, not gaslight emotions and call it faith, to fully experience both the joy and the sadness at the same time.  He reminded me yesterday many Christians have confused the definitions of grief and joy. We think joy is the absence of pain and grief. We think grief is the absence of joy.  However, they are very separate entities and when dealing with such a complex and traumatic loss it is GOOD to feel both together. Whew. I've got that going for me. ::snort::  


Maria Maitland said...

I’m not tired of you missing Josiah 💕

Anonymous said...

Your strength continues to amaze me. Enjoy your grand blessings and I thank you for sharing them with us. ❤️

Anonymous said...

Love all of the grand pictures!!! They are precious ❤️

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

You all are very gracious! I'm happy to share grand photos!