Saturday, March 02, 2024

Lazy Saturday

Saturdays are usually a slow start day for everyone other than Dad and I. Today was no exception. 

I was up and had a few hours to spend reading, studying, journaling, praying, baking today's bread, before I got Dad up. I got his day off and running....and then I ran to town to meet up with an "egg customer." 

After I dropped off the eggs, I stopped by Carr's to pick up Dad's meds. I discovered a good sale on many of the things I planned to get at Fred Meyers - so I shopped at Carr's instead. It was SO cold and windy in town. 

I received a fun package from Amazon. It's a birthday gift from a friend. I got a thick journal and two fun books - both non-fiction. Speaking of books, what happened to all our library staff? I'm sure I'll get to know the new folks, but I was surprised to see no familiar faces at the library this week. 

The girls have spent the day working on homework. 

When everyone is done, we have a date to watch Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame as none of us have seen it before. We've read the book and seen the play.... LOL 

Another lazy Saturday is in the bucket. 

1. VA checks.  

2. Fun birthday package

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