Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Bachan's Playdate with Noah

I got to spend the morning with Noah Bear! I arrived in Eagle River at 0745...Noah seemed to sense something was up - and he was up! He and Jared are enjoying some "boy time" as Larissa is out of town with her job.  

Now, if you're a blog reader you KNOW Noah has an amazingly beautiful head of hair. Unfortunately, Bachan didn't think to get lessons on how to tame the morning hair. We had breakfast. 

Played peek a boo...

I changed Noah's diaper and tried to comb his hair. 
Bachan and Noah 

Hmmm....Noah ran and brought me styling gel and the comb. ::snort::  He didn't seem very happy with the results...but we moved to his room and read, played with toys....
"Really, Bachan?"

Until he fell asleep and took a nice nap. 

Arielle, Benny and Danny showed up at lunch time and I drove across to Wasilla so I could volunteer at our Organic Food/Produce co-op. I was able to bring the cardboard home and have plans to spread it under mulch in the garden. 

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