Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Perfectly Timed Conference

Sometimes you just need someone to hug you tight and tell you everything is going to be alright. Shannon and Lindsey were those people for us tonight.

I didn't realize how my heart longed to be with these two until they walked in the door. 

We had assured the girls a year ago there are some friends you say goodbye too and the reunions feel like you've never parted. Stacia hadn't experienced that in in her nomadic upbringing. She totally understands now. We had the joy and honor of partnering with Shannon and Lindsey in serving our local church for six years. They moved a year ago. 

Court weeks are always hard. It forces the realization this ache will last a lifetime.  Hearing lawyers talk about autopsy photos in connection with one's baby boy is tough. 

Thank you, friends, for taking the time out of your busy, chaotic, QUICK, conference trip to come by. The AK Ministry Network Conference couldn't have been timed better for us. ::grin:: 

While we are at peace with your move to MO, we have missed your hugs and conversation. I have never loved the concept of a red eye flight more than I did tonight as we snatched the hours to connect. 

In court news, discovery is complete today! The next court appearance is set for June 12th where we will set the date for trial. 


1. Friends...who know your heart without you having to speak a word. 
2. Discovery is complete! 
3. Dear friends at court. 
4. Post-court dinner with Krista, Jamin and Jared. 
5. Michael was upright tonight. 

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