Sunday, May 26, 2024


We had a big announcement at church this morning. Alliance Christian Fellowship in Eagle River is going to be starting a second campus in Anchorage around Christmas. We've been around ministry for a lot of years and were not surprised by this announcement. "Healthy things grow and growing things change," as Pastor Brian shared this morning. The service opened with a video showing the history of the church since Brian was a fun watch...and then JOSIAH was on the screen and 30 seconds later Jamin was on the screen (17:14 and 17:41).  It really is an exciting time to be at ACF and I know deep down there will be more changes to come...because the four services are bursting at the seams and the parking lot is CRAZY chaotic... LOL 

After church we headed into Red Robin. We grabbed our food to go and met at Luke and Krista's.  Our next stop was the "new" Costco to pick up a few items. They had the bread flour even though I'd been told twice it was no longer a Costco item. I'm glad we checked. I'm a bit unsure about the amount Michael selected. LOL 

He got it all to fit...
Allie & GG up front, Stacia in the back 

In the afternoon Michael worked on getting the garden fence ready to operate...we can't find the the garden is still very moose vulnerable.  I tried to create a trellis...and it looked great until it fell over. LOL 

Mama and the babies came back. I found little hoof marks in the strawberry bed. 

Aaron and Elise came over in the evening. It was so GOOD to see them. Michael and Aaron brainstormed about a new project we are going to ask Aaron to take care of for us. I THINK he will end up fixing and shoring up our deck and extending parts of it.  There was no deck when we bought the house, and we asked the owners to put one on...I am glad we did so we had something right away - but it isn't faring well...and there have been times there were 30 people on the deck and it worried us. LOL 

Stacia has had the moving itch pretty bad for the past months....and so today she pulled out her old loft bed and rearranged her part of the girls' room. She created a cave and will use the top of the bed for storage.  In the midst of all the movement there was a teachable moment with Mike. 

Stacia's cave

Part of the girls' room

This photo was posted by a neighbor - bears up a tree about a block away. It's a zoo out here. 
Photo via Facebook 

And here's a screen shot from the church's page...look it's Jamin manning a camera. 

Yes, I am attempting to catch up the blog. I quit for a bit of time as I thought through some stuff from counseling. The comment was made if someone hasn't respected the access I have given them to my heart, or if they've been untrustworthy with that access, it isn't unforgiving to limit further access. This led to the realization that I have lived as if I were obligated to answer every question in order to be "authentic." In truth I have lived with few internal or external boundaries. All THAT led me to consider the blog and I simply didn't have the energy to decide what I wanted to do,  so I rested. 🤣

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