Sunday, June 16, 2024

A Dreaded First by Carrie

Carrie's post. She is eloquent.

Father’s Day - the “first” that I’ve been dreading the most. I mourn Josiah as my husband, but I mourn Josiah as the father to my girls far more. He was patient, tender, kind, and so much fun. He would wrestle, have snowball fights, go sledding, frequent bike rides, and lots of ice-cream dates. He strengthened her faith and made her brave. He showed Olivia how a man should treat her by how he treated her and me. I know he would be soaking up every moment of our new baby girl. We miss you so much, Josiah Goecker. I pray every day that I can be half the parent you were.

Photos are just a few of the favorites I have saved on my laptop. I suspect most were taken by Carrie.

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