Saturday, June 29, 2024

Productive Saturday

It's been another beautiful summer day spent outside in the yard and garden. I'm not sure we could EVER have everything done at once around here.  The above pot sits in the greenhouse filled with all the essentials for a quick weeding trip to the garden. 

We have a pepper!

I weeded all 10 garden beds and a row of potatoes. The chickens love to see me heading towards them with the brown planter. These are all the weeds from today...I used to do 2 beds a day and get a huge RUBBERMAID tote. I may be gaining on the weeds. 

Speaking of weeds - I sprayed the garden walkways, the parking spaces and the driveway again. Yes, that's the 3rd day in a row. I've used 6 gallons of vinegar this week...and it's time to buy more vinegar. I'm seeing some success. 

Chickweed is dying....

You can see it isn't totally killing everything in the garden...but it's turning it a color that matches the wood chips. I plan to get a handle on the weeds and then keep a bottle of vinegar and salt ready to spray on walkways. I saw some aphids in the greenhouse and read to try dish soap and water in a spray bottle? 

Allie spent the day working on her summer class. Stacia spent the day at a nanny gig. I took a break here and headed to our local Fred Myers to meet up with a gal who had pumpkin starts. She threw in some garlic...I'm game to try.  Michael took the afternoon to make another garden bed. We had 5 more garage door panels from BreZaak's remodel and some lumber from CyRi's he made a bed. I got boxes from Freddies and threw them over the spot Cory had previously leveled out. I have been spraying the spot with vinegar and salt. 

I lugged the 5 bags of soil I had to the bed. I usually try to fill a bed with compost and branches etc about 1/2 way and then add dirt...but I need this space and don't have time to wait for compost to build up.  We have some 3 panels left - maybe Michael will make another one and I'll use THAT one for compost first....In any event, I need more dirt for this bed. Next year, we need to order a truck load of garden soil. 

I also planted some radishes. I went through the seeds to see what I may have that could still grow in the next two months. I have one or two kinds of squash and lots of greens...which I already HAVE lots of greens...I may or may not plant more.  I actually have space in the greenhouse as I'm not planting melons in there and I didn't start a bunch of seeds this year.LOL  I'm not sure what else to put in the greenhouse. 

It was a productive day. 

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