Wednesday, June 05, 2024

The One Where I learn I Can No Longer Play Twister

Yep - this is the day I learned I can no longer play Twister. It's time to start some serious stretching routines. LOL 

I was lazing around enjoying my solitary morning when I heard littles ones running up GG's ramp and the doorbell rang. I was expecting them. The boys were here to hang out with me while CoRielle made a Costco run. They arrived before anyone else was up, though their dramatic announcement of their arrival ensured GG was soon up. I set them up with a movie while we got GG through the shower and on to breakfast.  Charles was more interested in helping with GG's blood pressure than the movie. 

Danny enjoyed a bit of toast. 

Benny was happy for a bit of screen time. 

After GG was settled in with a cup of coffee and the newspaper, the boys and I went outside for an hour. Yes, it DID rain a lot today. I need a rainsuit like the boys'. 

Michael had his weekly chiropractic and massage appointment. Stacia is teaching some classmates Japanese and met with them today. I think Allie was having a down day in their room.  Everyone was busy - and I got to play with the boys. 

Our first stop was to feed the chickens and collect eggs. We also walked out to the woods, the meadow and all around the yard. They played on the slide, TRIED to talk me into jumping on the trampoline in the rain, and checked out the garden.
Tossing scratch

Danny and Charles had fun playing in the playhouse. It didn't take me too long to realize they were pretending they were working in a coffee drive through. 
"What can I get you, Bachan?" 

Benny was thrilled to find a worm. Danny was not. Benny ran the worm out to the strawberry bed. 

Everything is so GREEN. I am glad Michael mowed the lawn yesterday. It was ready for the rain today. This is as far back into the woods as we could make it. 

The devil's club is taking over! I don't know what else we can do to try to kill them! 

Michael has suggested turning that dip in the yard into a memorial flower bed.

These two 3-year-olds were not thrilled about going into the wilder parts of the we didn't go far. 

We came back in and had an impromptu tea party. Hot chocolate for Charles, Danny and Stacia. Chai tea for Benny and me. The boys were happy Stacia had enough time for a quick cup before she ran out the door. 

Stacia and Allie decided to take Millie out to the river. They had a fun time...Stacia ran to counseling and Allie organized dinner. 

We watched a couple of episodes of Scorpion. I worked on dough throughout the day so I can bake a bunch tomorrow. 

We are still's  midnight and the sun just went down. Summers bring their own challenges for some of us. It's far easier to sleep in the winter. LOL 

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