Saturday, June 03, 2006

Several have asked. We took this to the pool today and it was a hit with everyone. In other words it isn't simply that my kids are sugar deprived that accounts for them liking this. {BG}

"Fiddle Faddle"
original ingredients noted in (...)

2 C Sucanat (2 C brown sugar)
1 C Butter (1 C margarine)
1/2 C honey (1/2 C corn syrup)
(1 tsp salt) I omitted
(1 tsp butter flavoring) I omitted
1 tsp maple syrup (1 tsp maple flavoring)
1 tsp vanilla (not in original)
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1 tsp baking soda
7 qts popped corn (I popped a cup of kernels)
2 C mixed nuts

Directions: Combine sucanat,butter, honey, maple syrup and salt. Boil for 6 minutes - stir constantly. Remvoe from heat. Add Cream of tartar, soda, vanilla. Pour over popped corn and nuts, mixing thoroughly. Bake in 200* oven for one hour.

Note: this makes a lot...but it is nearly gone already. {smirk}

Note 2: over the past 10 months we've discovered we like it better if we bake it at 350* - crunchier....just watch it so it doesn't burn.


Jodi said...

This sounds pretty good. I think my kids would like it, I will have to try it very soon. I'll just need to change the butter back to a natural margarine and buy maple surup next time we shop (all out!).

You're doing so well making recipes your own. You get very used to substituting and knowing just what will work as a substitite after following any type of "special" diet for awhile!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Jodi - this is yummy and yes for Vegans you'd want to simply sub for the butter.

The best advice given me a few months ago was "Don't look for a veggie cookbook; adpat recipes you love"...and I'm branching out and trying new things....and so far nothing has been really terrible. LOL Except that turkey bacon.