Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jamin's Decision

Yes, Jamin plans to get a degree in Intercultural Ministry and enter missions. Yes, he was accepted to Eugene Bible College.

Jamin had planned to stay in TX and take general ed classes before going to a private college. THEN, he thought it would be cost effective to go ahead and go to the private college now, as he could split living expenses with his sisters. Jamin has other benchmarks that we suggest for our young men, in addition to college, that he is trying to reach (moving toward future goals, owning a vehicle debt free, $10K in the bank). He began to research, pray, and discuss how to reach his goals in a quick and DEBT FREE manner.

This was HIS decision. We'd be happy to have him safely at Eugene Bible College. We would also be happy to see him stay in Texas with Josiah.

Please understand our adult children often wait to hear our thoughts before making decisions, but at 18 he is an adult, and these decisions are his. (I realize not all 18 year olds are adults but Jamin fact Jared at 15 is fast approaching the same status in our eyes. LOL)

Mike and Jamin had a long talk Friday afternoon and Jamin has decided to stay here in Texas. This allows him to continue his job. He has 8K saved towards his first year of college. EBC is 3x the cost of ASU. This means that though he still needed $1-4,000 for his freshman year at EBC, he now has enough to pay for almost two years at ASU. He will take 2 years of general classes. He's checked and they'll transfer into his degree at EBC. He plans to CLEP some classes and he has already been taking classes from Taylor University that will also transfer. During the next two years he will save up for the last two years of college at EBC...and continue to replenish his nest egg. He hopes to enter EBC as a Junior with the cash to pay for the remaining years of college.

The girls are talking of downsizing to a one bedroom apartment. Josiah and Jamin are looking for a 2 bedroom apartment here in town. Jamin has begun the process of applying to ASU, we don't expect any trouble in getting accepted.

Such teamwork - of course he'd want to share an apartment with Cy for a bit. ::snort::


Yep, my mommy heart rests easier knowing that Josiah will not be without family in Texas.

I have a couple of hours until Mike gets home....I think I'll go work on photos.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


Well, we can't say that we are happy we won't be having him living near us BUT we are so proud of him for saving, for finding what God is saying, and for not being afraid to step out and follow the lead of the Lord. We kinds thot he might end up with you folks and getting to know that foriegn experience. PTL for our kids. You know they are ours in a way and we sure do pray a lot for all 1444445 of our G'Kids. Nadia needs real special prayer just now.

love/prayers Mom T.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sounds very comforting to have them in pairs :0)

God is good - and SO good to see your kids following Him.


Darshia said...

Ah Sis,

How wonderful are you/Mike and those the Lord has blessed you to raise! Jamin's making wise choices. How are his oldest sisters taking it? Will they be graduating about the time he transfers?

Kim said...

I was really interested to read your goals for your young men. Can I ask what the goals are you have and have had for your young women? We have a few years to go - ahahahahaha, but, I'd really like to hear yours!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom - Jamin will be staying in TX, not going to Japan...though I think he IS planning to make use of the yearly trips. Praying for Nadia.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Darshia - they told him he needed to do what HE needed to do and not worry about them. They'll be sad not to have him nearby but we all are happy at the thought that Josiah will not be "all alone" in TX. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


Heather said...

So glad the decision is finally made. I'm sure you are resting easier now. Sounds like a very smart plan.

Darshia said...

It is neat he and Josiah will be together. What a blessing to have sober minded adult children.

So...will Jamin be following in Josiah's footsteps and jumping out of an airplane too? {g} (Yes, I believe you can be sober minded and have fun too!) (Hmmm...need to do a word search on sober minded...but that's the phrase that comes to mind...)

Cynthia said...

YEA! So glad that each of the kids will have a sibling with them!

Romany said...

Sounds very symmetrical! LOL!

Wild Homeschool Family said...

I feel better with the two boys together so nobody is "alone" LOL. Blog readers and friends worry about these things too. ROFLOL

They grow up so fast but your young people's maturity is a wonderful thing.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks all for the kind comments. YES - I feel BETTER TOO about the "children" being placed symmetrically around the country. LOL Though we certainly didn't share that opinion until the decision was made.