Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Profoundly Amazing Things I Witnessed

The schedule is far to full for me to give a detailed listing of what we did yesterday, however, I was honored to witness a few things that I need to write down so that I can process later. {That's the way I am.}

  • I witnessed an American liberator meet with a Holocaust Survivor. I saw Walter thank the liberator, with tears in his eyes; we all had tears in our eyes. They will meet again at the Chapel's Yom Hashua service tomorrow.
  • I witnessed a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide attempt to ask a question of the survivors; and not be able to find his voice. This young man later talked with some in our group and was convinced that Walter would like to talk with him. I witnessed two survivors of the same sort of pain meet, embrace...and I saw that the problem continues....that a new generation of survivors is finding it's voice as they witness the strength in the voice of an older generation. I was honored to be there as questions were asked and answers were wrestled with.
  • I witnessed 50 school children from Ballinger swarm the stage with books on the Holocaust for Wanda and Walter to autograph. We joked later at their new rock star status. It was a bright point in a very difficult evening for my new friends.
  • I witnessed two very normal humans willingly step back into hell so that they could give a voice to those who no longer have a voice. I watched what it cost them to do so. I was amazed and profoundly thankful.
  • I watched a Protestant Chaplain and a Jewish Chaplain wrestle with questions of where God was, what faith means in such circumstances and I was amazed.

Please pray for Wanda and Walter by name in the next few days. They will have 4 more sessions in the next two days. This is very difficult for them. I'll leave you with a few photos. I'm off to take the boys to hear Walter's session this a.m.

Green Room before ASU session





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Cynthia said...

AMAZING! I wish we had something like that to attend around here.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy - do you have a Jewish community in your area? There is a new federally mandated "holiday" - like MLK - called Yom Hashua....and it's to remember the Holocaust. It's in April. If you have a Jewish community they will most likely have events going on....and they would know if there are survivors in the area who can speak to groups.

Dr. Gail is the manager of a Jewish Children and Family services and they go to areas where there are NO Jewish communities and speak.

Kristine said...

DeEtta, it sounds very powerful and moving. Amazing that your kids were able to be a part of this.

Julie Zesch said...

Wow, I haven't read your blog in a few days. I'm sad I missed out on the ASU remembrance day. Oh, I so enjoyed your recap. We will keep the rest of the sessions in prayer for these precious ones opening their life, wounds, and scars.
Be blessed,

Anonymous said...


One teacher has an eldery man come each year to her classes..... What an interesting soul. It is the one week in the year when this teachers classes are well behaved and listen with wide open ears.

Have been away bfrom the computer for a few weeks due to computer problems.

Might be time I phone you.

Tiy all sound so busy and we are praying for you daily. Dad is walking around pretty good. He did fall today but this happens several times eaach week.

love/prayers and more love and prayers Mom T

For His Glory said...

Wow what a moving experince. I'm teary just reading about this.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Praying for them. They sounds like wonderful people to share something hard so others can learn and remember.

Anonymous said...

Even in your very busy season of PCSing overseas, you have time to touch the heart of things that we all need to know. Thank you. Thanks, too, for the photos of you and Mike together; usually (at least with us), I take the pictures and am rarely in them unless it's intentional, so thanks. I'd like for us to talk on the phone sometime before you move; when's good for you?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mel - catch me if you can. ::snort::

Seriously, Sunday afternoon evening....then this next week during the days should be mostly good. We DID get orders packers will be moving in to disrupt my life very soon. LOL