Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Photo 2009




The following posts are various poses from our Family Photo Shoot on the 24th. Feel free to share which pose you like best in each category.

Info for local folks who like the settings....these are taken at the old Santa Fe Train Depot - in front of the museum. The Alley can be found by going to Twoig and S. Chadbourne....turn into the parking lot that has a wildly painted van in it.....and through that alley are some great photo props....many more than we used as it was raining and we were in a hurry.

T-Shirts - Krista had these shirts made up and surprised us all. Mike is a Winston Churchill fan. Under Team Goecker she had them write words he's shared with us all often.... "never give up, Never Give Up, NEVER GIVE UP!" Winston Churchill Dad. The girls said Winston would forgive them.... ::snort:: They think these will be great for the family scavenger hunts they envision us hosting in Japan. Yes, we DO refer to the family as Team Goecker....and we circle up and yell "Go Goeckers" each a.m. after family's just something we do to build a sense of family.

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Wild Homeschool Family said...

oh those photos (and t-shirts!)are great. I love seeing you all in one place at the same time.

Anonymous said...


AH!!! What else can Dad/I say other than that. Love the T-shirts and love those 11 people tons!!

Great fotos!!!

love.prayers Dad/Mom

Anonymous said...

OH! We live the first one.

l/p Mom T

Cynthia said...

Great tee shirts! Love the GO TEAM at the end of your times together!

I wish I had thought to do some of these things when our kids were younger. If I tried to start things like that now at their ages they would all think I was off my rocker (LOL)!

Linda said...

They ALL turned out great, DeEtta!

Mom's Place said...

They all turned out great De'Etta! I can't pick one!!!!

Liz in OK said...

Oh, I love, love, LOVE the pics - especially like the great setting. And memorable as you head out from one place to another.

How on earth do you get them all (mostly) to cooperate? Mine do NOT want pics taken so we have to bribe or beat them. I do like pics of the littles doing something "little" and mischevious!

Deja said...

These are great pictures De'Etta. I love the location...a reminder of your days in our town. There isn't a bad picture here!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL because I didn't post the bad photos. LOL We have a bit more than 100 and I posted the ones that are favorites to pick between. LOL

I am glad that we picked THESE locations and not the visitor center again (which we did in 2007).