Friday, May 01, 2009


We worked until we dropped! OK, I'm planning to drop as soon as I post this entry. ::snort::

Hmmmm....what did we do today. Arielle and I went through the game closet - or game room - or something. We store games on big shelves in the garage...and in 7 big, black, wide Rubbermaid drawers. We threw out a lot of games with lost pieces. I packaged up puzzles and games for Salvation Army.

Mike, Jamin and Jared emptied out our storage unit. We discovered (as I suspected) 80% of it belongs to the girls. ::snort::

Arielle & I packed away all the snowmen and Lent things and put up the normal to figure if I should take any since I won't have an entertainment center, hutch or piano to set things on. ::snort::

Jamin discovered parts to a bed and claimed it.



Mike and I took a load of stuff over to Josiah's apartment. The boys will move into their new apartment mid-June.

Ah - Josiah DOES have something on the walls of his apartment....the family calendar I made this year. ::snort::


Mike and I went to Lowes and bought a Kitchen sink, faucet, mini-blinds, 2 toilet seats and something else..... We also discovered it may be cheaper to buy a NEW dishwasher than it is to replace the rusting racks. We priced carpet.

I called and scheduled another painter and a carpet place to give us estimates....this way we'll have two estimates of each.

We came home, ate dinner....Mike and Jared are hanging mini-blinds. Josiah was here briefly and then had to leave. Jamin's at work. The younger ones are hitting the showers after a full day of bike riding and such.

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Cheryl said...

Be sure to get your 10% military discount at Lowes. They don't advertise it but they do give it!

Cynthia said...

ACK!! It seems so sad to do all of these things for others to enjoy. I know that's how it goes when you move though. Our little foray into thinking we might move last winter netted some nice changes around here, but since we didn't move we got to enjoy them.

What will you do with all the girls stuff?

So, you aren't taking the hutch, piano, etc., but you are keeping them? I'm glad you'll be able to keep some of your most prized things for when you return. Where in the world will you store the piano?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

ACK - I didnt know that!!!! 10% would have saved us a chunk in the last month. It's not like Mike doesn't LOOK military - I wish they'd informed us. ::snort::

Cindy - yes those things are going into storage. The base says not to bring them.