Friday, May 01, 2009

Appliance Storage

I AM going to google and see what I can find out. We will NOT have an overseas TMO briefing - the packers arrive before the once a month briefing on base.

If you've stored (or heard of the correct way) freezers and fridges....pass on your expertise. I think Betsy told me to put charcoal in there. Mike is quite sure she didn't mean a bag of Kingsford.


Back to sorting.... BTW has anyone else ever taken a chunk out of their face when they were shaving their arm pit? How did I DO this????? It's not healing quickly....this means I will attend PWOC's tea tomorrow with what looks like strawberry jelly on the side of my face.

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Renee said...

I successfully stored a fridge/freezer for FOUR years with very good luck.
First it needs to be washed/cleaned spotless and dried 100+%.
Then I took tube socks and filled them with baking soda. One sock went in each drawer of the fridge, plus a couple extra and a couple in the freezer section. In addition, I bought some hangy things (like that description?) that were designed for camper storage and hung a few in the freezer and another few in the fridge section. We came home to a fridge in perfect condition. It was stored in VA for four years

Renee said...

Now that I see your pic, I would recommend a filled sock for each shelf....yes, it's a lot of baking soda (thankfully we had lots of old socks hanging around) but it's a good deal cheaper than replacing the appliance

Cynthia said...

How in the world did you injure your face???? OUCH!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Renee - so you used baking soda instead of charcoal...and maybe Betsy DID mean Kingsford if you used real baking soda. ::snort::

Cindy - I haven't a clue. I slashed my face with the razor.

Romany said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope your face heals soon.

I cut the back of my leg shaving once a couple of years ago and then I got an inflammation from the allegic reaction to the band-aid I put on it. Then the inflammation got infected. Then I had a very bad reaction to the antibiotic I was given. The whole saga went on for months!

I should have just worn a wetsuit to go swimming and dispensed with the shaving!LOL!

Renee said...

The 'hangy things" I believe had soem sort of charcoal in them..... but the baking soda will absorb moisture and odor.

Anonymous said...

We used dried coffee grounds tied up in (clean) panty hose for storing our frig. That worked pretty well. As for charcoal, I think the type used for refrig odors is activated charcoal (the kind used in filters) not the Kingsford kind!

Diann said...

I must say that the shaving incident sounds like something I would do. Hope it heals soon!

all in the family said...

You might want to ask around but we stored our freezer in storage and the lines froze, so you might want to investigate preventing that from happening. We had to buy a new one.

Anonymous said...


Of all the good suggestions you got we found baking soda to work the best. Used tons of it.

How's your face. You are sounding more like me all the time as to crazy accidents. Comes from hurring to much.

SLOW DOWN. It will all get done.

Take care of that leg. You are prone to infection so....... and things get so dirty when packing and moving.

love/prayers Mom T.