Friday, May 15, 2009


Zander doesn't like change....or today was a bit unnerving for him. I loved the close eye he kept on everyone coming and going in the house.
Mike had to get a new battery for the van. I have a PWOC event tonight, but since I can't leave until I have a are some photos.

Zander began shadowing the truck

Mike helped him look



These were the BEST packers/loaders we've ever had

About this time you can see two painters to the right and Josiah showed up.

Zander was sad about this bird egg that got smashed during the moving....

We registered Cy's car in AK and so we are signing it all over (it's now fully Texan).

I don't know... ::snort:: Too much moving fun?


Still keeping a watchful eye....

Man in the white is our realtor...

Um....why isn't the couch WRAPPED? Oh, oh. wrapping...could be interesting in three years.


Two thirds of our packing is now done. They will come for the things that are going to Japan next Thursday. We are busy trying to get the house repairs done, clean, pull all this stuff away from the walls so painters can work on Mon - Thurs.....

Someone asked how all this stuff will get to Japan....none of the stuff that left today will. It's all going to storage in TX... AND only about 1/4 of the truck was full. Everyone is estimating that we are coming in at or below our weight allowance. One more shipment and then we'll have a better idea. We're usually right on as Mike drove truck for North American and so.....he's very good at estimating household weight. ::snort::

Now....I'm taking all the magnetic albums left in the house, all my photo supplies and going to the chapel. I plan to make HUGE progress. If I could even get all the photos into the black storage box....I could pack it with a bit of peace....we shall see.
Pssst....Photobucket/blogger aren't playing look wrong, publish right, look right, publish wrong...I have no more time...Mike is back and I'm going to spend the next 7 hours working on photos.

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

You just never know when some skill you learn will come in handy! Like driving a truck for a moving company :)

Debbie said...

Wow, I would be with Zander...staring at all our things going out the door and probably shedding a tear or two...I am so sentimental...gosh.

You are making tremendous progress.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

It's amazing how fast it all goes. You have gotten good pictures of all the moving progress so far.

Cynthia said...

Hope you got a LOT of scrapping done last night!

all in the family said...

WOW! How cool! I am glad you were able to get this main hurdle over. I am also glad to know that you aren't the only one having issues with blogger. I am trying to upload picts of the boys most recent lapbook, but they are flipping. I don't know why. I am also trying to finish my mom's family scrapbook and I am doing it through I will let you know how it goes.

Heather said...

What precious photos of Zander's emotion! The snapshot of Zander peering out the window (with the reflection of you and the moving truck) is especially poignant.

[Is that a yummy snack of Late July crackers that I see?]

I'm continuing to pray for you and your whole family during this moving season.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Heather, my observant friend....yes, I thought the reflection of the truck and mom with him glumy peering on would be a good shot....and those ARE Late July crackers....which I have a few boxes left....