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Super Size Saturday - GAMES!

SSS Today's SSS topic is favorite family games. You can write about games you loved as a child or games your child loves. You can write about group games, solo games, card games, board games, game etiquette, tips to keep young ones happy during family game time, computer games, online games....the list is nearly endless.

Write your post, mention Super Size Saturday in your post (and link back to this post so your readers can come read what everyone else suggests), come back here and leave the link to your post on Mr. Linky...then readers here will see that you've participated and visit your blog. Tip - when you link leave your name and a 2 - 3 word description, i.e. De'Etta (family games) or De'Etta (young players) or De'Etta (chaotic game nights) or De'Etta (travel games), or De'Etta (Vintage games).....


We love to play games. We do have a bit of challenge to find games that players 3 - 48 yo can enjoy. Here are some of the favorites around here:

Young Men - RISK, AXIS and ALLIES

Zander - SORRY

All - LIFE, Settlers of Catlin, Castle Keep, Spy Ally, Monopoly

Mike & I - Scrabble, Acey Deucy


Games we all enjoy to play together:

Twister (Krista made a board for us)
Charades (GREAT fun)
Pictionary (use a big dry erase board)
Duck, Duck, Goose (Yes, we do!)
Tickle Little Kids
Kick ball
Volleyball with a big beach ball
Rag Dance (while not really a game we love to dance while Mike plays)

If our older ones REALLY want to play an "old" game, we set up a game the youngers will enjoy to run at the same time. We also keep (that should read USED to keep) spare parts that the yonger ones can "play". We enjoy the group games, often.

Sometimes wrestling is the best game...and results from other game attempts gone awry.


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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I don't really get all the go here, go there stuff but.....

BACK in my day..... LOL! We had great fun with...

"All-e, Alle On in Free".. just a fun game of hide and seek all over a neighborhood or on some farm, especially after dark. (hard to do in this day/age.

"Cowboy/Indians" together with sticks as horses etc. Hiding was great fun in the tall weeds of vacant lots etc... again not the safest this day/age.

Various board games which were a lot fewer and so people became real good and competition was high. Checkers, chess, dominos and Monopoly were the dominate ones. I can remember my Dad/Mom calling new type of board games coming on the market, "foolishness" and I never got any of them so went to friends places etc.

The rivers always provided games of competition such as jumping off bridges, inner-tubbing in competition to certain spots in the rivers, rope swinging and etc.

THEN jumping off tall things, climbing all over town to see whose group could be the best... competition big time and fun, even if 10 broken toes was a result. LOL!

My generation was able to roam free in towns, was able to play at school grounds and parks all you wanted.

Games at parks were again competition to see who could swing the highest, go fastest on the merry-go-rounds, and on/on.

Sand lot baseball, football, basketball games were big time for both boys/girls but seldom same sexes playing together. Never bothered me tho.

THEN.... going to the first house in our end of town to get a TV to watch for around 1 1/2 hours each evening. What a lady to put up with a living/dining room full of kids and she always served us popcorn, cookies, candy or cake.

That's about it.

love/prayers Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

What fun memories, thanks for sharing, Mom.