Tuesday, June 30, 2009

International Travel/Move SOS

Dear, crunchy, San Angelo friends....ANSWER.....I KNOW many of y'all haven't moved internationally but you are uniquely qualified to help me with the foodie questions. ::snort::

The military will allow us 14 70lb bags....and I'm at about 9. Heather, sil who is moving to China, began to talk of the things that she has been told to bring. I had been given such a list but I assumed we'd have all our school books and such in our suitcases......I can take 5 more suitcases.

I'm shopping TOMORROW.....Mom's living room is full of suitcases, clothes, debris.... I am dreaming of plopping myself in an airline seat with a good mystery book, a bag of almonds and a tall glass of lemonaide.....and veggin.....not sure who will be watching the younger jet setters in the row. ::snort::


1. I need plane, Tokyo and Bullet train food that I can put in a carry on for Zander. The rest of us have been eating almost anything the past 6 weeks...but we've kept him on his plan. We won't be able to tell what the ingredients are in Tokyo...so..... I'm thinking granola, sharkies, granola bars, small bags of nuts... any other ideas?

2. What things should I buy to take....I've bought a few under garments, books, we'll buy Mike and Jared extra running shoes....I'm going to buy some make up and Burts Bees things.

3. Food - I'm going to try to fill a few suitcases with food that we like since I have the free shipping space....Annies, Agave Nectar (sealed and in Ziplocs?), REAL salt, Rapadura.....I am drawing a blank on other non-perishable food items I used to get from United co-op....Any ideas?

This is the organic mecca of America, I'll be able to find most anything.

Any other tips for flying with this crew?

Choosing Joy!
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Kim said...

Well, be sure to have something "fun" for Stacia to do. Are you on United? If so, might not be much movie selection. NW has Jungle BOok that Jun loved to watch - sometimes.

Jun likes sticker books and coloring, and books. And, last trip I was SOOOO hungry by the time "breakfast" came I nearly got sick, so...be sure to pack PLENTY of snacks. Also, if you haven't done so, I recommend ordering kids meals for the youngers. Not that they are yummy, but that the kids get them at the beginning of meal service and don't have to wait and wait and wait!

Be sure not to bring drinks - or buy them after you go through security. I'm sure you know all about the zip lock bag stuff. Bring some gum for kids ears for take off and landing (if they are awake at landing). And, if they have any kind of congestion, be sure to get some decongestant before leaving. Ear pain is so terrible. And a change of clothes for the little ones - at least Stacia - and you?

The bullet train sells Japanese snacks and drinks, but they are really spendy. LIke 10 dollars for each lunch - per person. You can get them cheaper at the station kiosks, or prepare something? before you get on. There are many convenience stores in Japan - very very handy. There might be one near your hotel where you can buy lunches before you leave.

I wish we were flying together and I could guide you when you get to Tokyo. Do you have someone picking you up?

I saw the Bowers yesterday! Wow! It has been YEARS! What a wonderful family!

I'm praying for you!!!

Deja said...

I'd buy peanut butter...maybe even those squeeze packages that someone used to order. Maybe rice cakes to make pb sandwiches on? Dried fruit, newman os...HTH

Jen said...

Ian's makes on program trail mix in little packets. I have one right next to me in fact. It's called Jungle Mix 2 Go. I know they have other flavors too. They also make "Cookie Buttons" in small packages and Barbara's Bakery makes small packages of animal crackers in various flavors.

Capri Sun juice packets are on program. If you had more time, I would suggest GoPicnic, they make prepackaged Lunchable type breakfast, snack and lunch meals, that are on program, but I think they are all mail order.