Friday, August 14, 2009

Chaplain Families Take Shimoda Mall by Storm....

The same gracious Renee B, who took Nolan and I birthday shopping on Wednesday, took all the chaplain's spouses and their KIDS shopping on Thursday. Fourteen of us in two mini-vans. What a trooper she and Ricky are. We headed down to Shimoda Mall - about 25 minutes away.

We arrived at lunch time. Jared and I had a yummy dish...not sure what it is called, but I know where to find it again. It was a mound of rice, covered with an egg, some sprouts and some sort of meat-like substance - just a tiny bit.

The other kids opted for something a bit more familiar.

Thank heavens for picture menus. LOL

Though, it didn't help me figure out what this burger is.

Melinda, I DID try the time I ask them to hold the mayo. LOL
After filling our tummies we set out to walk the mall - and succeeded. There is a nice grocery store, bakery and farmer's market on one end of the mall. The other end of the mall has a big arcade and movie theater. The stores are what you'd expect in a mall. The mall was much bigger than the San Angelo mall. I do bore fairly easily on group shopping trips.....but I amused myself taking photos of packaging that struck me as funny. I haven't decided if they are quite so funny now that I'm rested and at home. ::snort::

The kids thought this was a cool movie poster....I obligingly took the photo, dodging the person sleeping under the poster.


The candy store was fun to visit. We bought a few things to try - all good. I'm not sure what they are called...but again....I know where to find them again. ::grin:: I did hear a comment about a candy store that sells dried fish. ::snort:: Nolan spotted the strawberry kit kats. I doubt we'd had a kit kat bar in YEARS stateside but we are enjoying the various flavors here. LOL


Bathrooms - WOW are they accommodating. There was a row of Squatty Potties, a row of Western toilets, seats for potty training, urinal and low sinks for kids to use....WOW. Stacia and I notee a container on the wall. She pushed and it smelled like air freshener or perfume so that is what we did with it. Later in the day, at a bathroom on another side of the mall, we found this sign......


::snort:: ::chortle:: I love it! What a great idea to have nice smelling toilet cleaner in public restrooms....and instructions in English so that all the silly Americans don't smell like toilet cleaner. ::snort:: Stacia heartily approves of the sinks just her size.


Disney makes Kimonos....but I can't bring myself to pay that much for what is essentially dress up clothes for Stacia. She wants one - bad. I plan to take the Kimono dressing class on base and find out where the "Kimono Recycle Shops" are.


A big hit for us was a huge Y100 store. WOOT! I bought some tatami mats and beach towels for our next lake/ocean outing. The kids bought some plants, which we'll plant to give us hope that a home will follow to place them in. ::snort:: The kids were introduced at this store to the practice of checking out and bagging your own items.

It was at the Y100 store that I got to try out my phrase..."nihongo ga wakari masu sen." I don't understand Japanese, after a sweet employee was rattling off much too me. She replaied, "Ah....americangi desu ka?" and I said, "Hai!" Then she went wild with Japanese....and I repeated my first phrase...and then said, "Scoshi (little)"....and then she said, "Please, May I be of help to you?" and I asked the kids, "Quick - how do I say, Thanks ever so much but we are browsing in your gigantic cheap store?". It was beyond us and so I said "watasiwa ok". ::snort:: We enjoyed that we communicated! BTW - I've yet to use the "No, I'm not skilled at Japanese" response to a compliment on my fine Japanese skills. ::snort::
One of our last stops was the bakery, which is worth a few photos.
You are given a tray and tongs. You cruise the aisles and make your choices and then they are bagged for you. We had a watermelon roll, that I seem to be the only one who liked it. It was greenish and tasted like watermelon and was filled with a thick, SWEET, cantaloupe flavor gel. I thought it was good.


Those were GREAT croissants!

I ASKED - they said I could take the photo. Actually I wanted a photo only of the one on the left and the sign - BREAD FACTORY - but they giggled and both jumped I took it even though the sign was blocked. My older two were mortified...but I asked! Renee said it was ok. How can you help but try to learn the language to better communicate with such sweet clerks? They are very good natured when I slaughter the language...most anyway. ::snort::


I got some wonderful fresh produce at the market. Renee pointed out how to get to the Statue of Liberty park...I think a visit to the bakery and then the park would be a wonderful outing that the children would enjoy. Still not ONE photo of Renee....I will remedy this this week. Renee's, dh Rick, was our sponsor and have been a joy to get to know in person.
Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
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Romany said...

'and some sort of meat-like substance'

You ARE brave! LOL!

The bakery girls look so sweet!

Cynthia said...

Sounds like you're getting along quite well.

Unknown said...

Hey De'Etta, The bakery has sweet cream filled breads too YUM! And you will get used to the ones with sweet red bean paste. I couldn't stand them at first and they were my motivation to learn to read Katakana so I could get what I want. Also, never turn down SHU kream bread/ dessert. Japanese bakeries are bad for the waistline, but you do a lot of walking, so it evens out!
Sounds like you're having a good time. I'm glad! Prayers are with you! Enjoy.

Linda said...

Who could imagine there would be so many different options for public toilets? :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Tammy, the bakeries are amazing!

Anonymous said...


Thank God for Renee B.! The bakeries! The stuff all looks good to us. Love the lower sinks and the likes. Seems like they try to think about the needs of everyone.

l/p Mom T.

Mother R said...

You are ever so graciously welcome! And we have been enjoying getting to know you and your family too. BTW, Ricky asked after ALL of your children, by name, today--guess the WILD event made quite an impression :) Let us know what else we can do; as always, we are praying with you.
Renee B.