Friday, August 14, 2009

Prayer Updates

1. Housing - its time that we had an idea where our new home will be. Housing seems to be intimating that we're not looking as hard as we could off base. I call ALL the agents on the approved list daily and most days - twice. We've driven around off base and knocked on doors. We've driven around the FGO housing on base and noted vacant units. I'm not sure what else we can do. NO ONE with a thought in their head could think a 2 bdr home is a good fit for a family of 7. That is the only thing the agents tell me they have.

2. Our exception package now only has two more desks to hit before we receive an offer. If we are offered anything, we assume it will be a modified apartment in a Pet Tower on the North Side. That's fine - but we WANT Internet - NEED Internet even as it is to be the way we maintain communication with our adult children, I download a lot of info for school etc.

3. PWOC is having our WILD on Tuesday, pray for hearts to be encouraged, for a good time for all. Our PWOC is also going to be entering a selection season for leaders, pray as you think for ladies who are called to step out to be brave enough to do so. There are a lot of experienced Titus 2 ladies here to support and help.....OHHHHH - WILD = Women Intent on Leadership Development. I'm so glad I arrived in time to attend as I missed the WILD in Central Region.

4. I have no scale but know by increasing pants sizes that I've gained 10 - 20 lbs on this PCS....It's time to hit the gym again and work my tail off ::snort:: .....I assume I now have 30 - 40 lbs to lose....I need to do this....for health reasons. I'm fairly content to stay this size as I have all new clothes - thanks to our silly thieves. LOL

5. Which reminds me - we continue to discover things which were in the luggage and are now gone...pray for us to continue to forgive.....I began ordering things via Amazon yesterday. There was a book that I was reading nightly with Arielle. I can't remember the title....but we were ready to begin again when it hit us ....."it was in the suitcase". ::sigh::

Choosing Joy!
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Renee said...

I am confused by the whole housing situation there... we never had that sort of thing happen in Korea... military were not forced off-post... housing had to pay for lodging until an adequate unit became available and for a family with 5 children, that's no less than 4 bedrooms....
sigh.....continued prayers

Debbie said...

De'Etta, I pray daily for the G family and I do appreciate these updates so I can pray more specifically. Sure hope some housing things fall into place soon.

Lois said...

Have you checked the local rice paddies??? Tee-hee. Seriously, I sure hope they provide an adequate house soon.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...
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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Lois - Jared was eyeing the recycle center for adquate boxes... ::snort::

Renee - it's strange. The official stance is that by 1 Sept all newcomers have to live on base....but I believe they are frustrated that we won't go away. They don't have FGO housing to offer us (though they DID when Mike first contacted them but THEY chose not to offer it and to tell us to put in for an exception instead)....and they won't/can't put us in other they are wishing we'd find something off base or that the waiver would be approved....I'm guessing they mean to be helpful....but shoot we ARE trying to find something. LOL If I could find a 4 bdr off base that was the same size as base housing - we'd jump....we aren't the ones who said we need a double unit - WE expected and hpoed to be in a 4 bdr by this time. LOL AND we really would love to live in the culture....but not in two rooms.

Anonymous said...


WHEW! If you continue to be jerked around over houseing..... and if Heather contintinues to have problems with Hives........ I think it might be time for an upset MOM visit. :):):) But hey, I could say and do things that none of you can do..... :):):)

OK, We will do the very best thing WE can do and that is to continue to PRAY and to even PRAY harder.

love/prayers --- Dad/Mom T.