Thursday, August 27, 2009

Family / Nate & Heather

TEST....this is a test for Nate and Heather. I've set you to receive the blog every time it publishes. Does this get through the filters? You should get an email from Choosing Joy/Blogger with text and photos (well not in THIS post). Oh shoot....I'll find a photo so we can see if it works.
Hopefully, China will eventually let you access Blogger and Facebook...but in the meantime will it let you receive emails from blogger? If not, I can also try to subscribe you to receive the blog as an email via feedburner...but I know you were having troubles with feed.

If you receive this in your in box....and it me back at and let me know it worked.

For all family - as soon as we have our own place with fiber optics Internet, we'll have Skype and be able to call and talk at will....for free or .02 a minute. We just don't have that option right now....unless you want the whole computer room to hear the conversation....slowly. LOL

Also - for the rest of family....I set the blog to publish to FB so those FB fanatics can read it there...or let me know and I'll add you to receive them in your email from blogger too. I can add 10 addresses. I have none added at this point. Aunt Gin used to enjoy this. All my trivia without having to log on. LOL You can also sign up via the link in the side bar if you don't live in China. LOL

Now, which photo of the hundreds since we've arrived in Japan would Nate and Heather most enjoy? Hmmm...

G-rated Sumo Wrestlers (thanks again Mike)

Sign I find delightfully funny

Or - proof that we made it to Japan

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Think you hit the nail on the head for Nathaniel/Heather. They will die laughing.

Just got done talking to Nathaniel. Heather was at school. We were all home so even Mikhail got to talk to him.

lov/eprayers --- Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Nate says that they're able to get the blog posts that blogger automatically emails. GOOD. NOW if he could only access his and post something. LOL

Cynthia said...

You'll LOVE skype!