Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zippy Week

Wow! This week has zoomed past. I can't believe it's Friday already.

We hung out yesterday. I baked cookies...and discovered the oven in the TLF is about 100* hot...confirmed what I suspected.

Jared went to the gym and played basketball with some new friends.

I did laundry and picked up, while these kids.....


We took care of some house issues arising from the home inspection in TX. There are only 2 things that need to be taken care of...both a bit perplexing as they WERE working when we lived in the home...but not a big deal. We are going to reset a toilet, and make sure the auto reverse on the garage door works. ::snort:: OH....and they said the dishwasher didn't work but it is BRAND NEW and we checked it before we left and it cycled....we suspect the inspector hit the wrong buttons. LOL Taking care of simple business in our current location is a bit of work. We had to go to the library to print off the inspectors report, attempt calls....get up at 3 a.m. to call at the right time, and thankfully they are simply going to arrange the work and we'll settle at closing....because it would be much more complicated to arrange work and send a check. LOL

I had a PWOC related meeting. I think beneficial. Which reminds me....I've been offered the opportunity to consider speaking at a retreat in April. Please pray with me to know if this is the time that God is going to allow me to begin to do more of this again. I'm trying not to let the exciting, new to me location color my prayers on the matter. ::snort:: Many of you know that I went way overboard in ministry outside of my home and God gently, yet firmly, called me home 4 years ago and instructed me to set boundaries and to minister from within those boundaries. Which I've joyfully done. I'm praying now to know if doors opening are a sign that it's o.k. to extend the boundaries a bit. AND...since I'm on the topic I've also clearly sensed that I need to be very careful not to get over-comitted here. There are so MANY wonderful things to do on base and in the chapel community....but I need to be retain my focus of growing intimacy with Him...I need to ensure I am not over-committed when I/we see the path that He has prepared for us in this season. Jared and I are both "Jumpers" and God is calling us both to be "Contemplators". ::snort::

We had a dinner invite at 5:30. Twyla had loaned us a car until we bought a second one. Isn't that sweet? The kids enjoyed playing with her boys. She'd made great smelling play dough for Stacia. Mike was at a meeting that ran really basically, he missed dinner. He did arrive, ate some food but we were about ready to call it a night. Twyla said she likes the Onsens. I see this in my future now that I have a couple of ladies who know the ropes and are willing to go with me. LOL

BTW I still miss the kids who "didn't want to come to Japan," as Zander explains it. Stacia said two things yesterday that BRIEFLY moved me to tears....

1. She showed me a photo of she and Bre and said, "This is my sister Bre. I'll never get to see her again." I set her straight...but I must admit that even to ME Japan seems far removed from Oregon.

2. At bedtime she told me, "Jamin's too old now to dance at my ball." ::sigh:: I guess this means that Jamin has joined the ranks of Josiah, Krista and Bre as "old". ::snort::

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Cynthia said...

Hopefully all of your weeks will fly by quickly and before you know it you'be be back in close proximity to your grown children.

Kim said...

About the oven - you probably know this if it is so, may be celcius - not farenheit. I bake cookies at 170 or 180 celcius. Just a thought.

Deja said...

Reading this post reminded me of your Big Rocks, Little Rocks post... I think you still have 5 Big Rocks at home with you...FWIW.

Anonymous said...


Guess Dad, Jared, and eventuallly Nolan will have to become her ball dancers. that is as she allows it to be. :):):)

Life is so interesting and at times more than interesting.

love/prayers --- Mom T

Anonymous said...

oh Stacia. and Zander. And Mom. and all of you. we miss you too. It is always bittersweet to hear how ya'all miss us...I usually just try to focus on the sweet

Bre G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes...if they keep zipping along October will be here before we know it. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim, it's an American oven...but who knows? Something is wrong with it. I thought I was just disctracted and kept burning things. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep - PRIVATE WALK WITH GOD and SCHOOLING are my big rocks and will be for years to come. I'm determined...and God keeps reminding me to prayerfully evaluate every opportunity.... I am praying about going to Guam to speak in April. LOL

Anonymous said...

hey yall' so not sure what they are talking about with the dishwasher it worked just fine when I went and checked it on tuesday.

tell stacia hi for me


Renee said...

Today one of the kids mentioned Madeleine... and Theresa says "Madeleine who? We're a four children family."

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Josiah - gave Stacia a hug for you.

Thanks for checking on the dishwasher...I really think the inspector hit the wrong button. LOL

Soon the house will be out of your hair...and when you go to buy a home, you'll know the ropes.

Love ya!