Sunday, August 09, 2009

Veedol Memorial /Mori Park

{I'm really not sure about that park name, but I think that is what we saw as we left. Note, this is the first spot we've been too with no western toilets available. ::snort::}

Mike noted a "Veedol Memorial" on the map, I'd picked up. We headed in the general direction.
This tower was fun to climb and awarded us with great views. The Miss Veedol Replica is the little red plane to the right. I'll write more about this when we visit the museum, I'm sure...but you can read the basic facts here.



The fog was rolling in....this park had great ocean sights and woods too.


Ah, evidential THIS is the spot to take your photo.....not the above.

Growing WILD







It was a fun day. I'm glad we took off to see what we could find.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...


Looks like so much fun. Is that white something a flower? Looks like a golf ball on a fance tee. I think I will love someday seeing all the beauty of flowers.

l/p --- Mom T.

Janette said...

So glad to see you all out and about.
One tip the State department gives to overseas postings- find one place that is the most like "home" and visit weekly. Short visits. Get to know the hosts at that place. When you hit the wall (usually at six months) you will have a place to retreat to until you get over the anxiousness of being overseas.
This helped in all of our overseas postings...and surprisingly...the base was not it!
I understand the Shinto shrine thing now. I was never asked to pray to another god. The only time I was told that a polytheistic god was "just like" my God, I just changed the subject and moved along (and that was in Kansas:>)
Enjoy- the experiences your family gains will never be forgotten.
LOVE the toilets!

Deja said...

Just catching up on all of your posts. Wow. Laughing really really hard with your potty adventures. I've used the hole in the ground a campground in Romania...and hope to never never use one again. One thing though, it really did help build up some muscles that I didn't know I had ;-) Love the adventures.

Debbie said...

Gorgeous area....just lovely.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom, the white thing is a mushroom variety.

Janette - I must not have clearly communicated....yes, it wasn't the being there, it was the encouragement to pray to the Shinto god who was "our God".

Deb - it IS gorgeous!

Deja - you must come visit. ::nsort::

Herd Momma said...

Oh my goodness. Catching up on all the excitement. LOVE THE VAN! And the trip to market looks like some of the pics a friend of mine had from China when they went over to pick up their little girl. Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing.
OH> I like the picnic tables too. That cracked me up.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Nice to hear from you Amy...surviving the summer heat? I look forward to catching up on blogs when we have a home.

Cynthia said...

Great scenery. Are those blue flowers hydrangeas? They look like it.