Monday, September 21, 2009

Going to the Fitness Room....

has new meaning for our family. Several weeks ago I discovered (shhhhhhh) the wifi signal from the computer room works in the next door fitness room. Why does this matter? Because in over 7 weeks in the TLF, I've not seen one person outside my family USE the fitness room. They've moved all but the stair stepper out....but this room is GREAT for skyping. (Is that a word)? I can bring the kids down, with books and coloring books, or let them watch the kids' channel....and use the computer..... AND we can talk with family without the rest of the building hearing. Housekeeping and other employees have found us in there numerous times. Today one of the management gentlemen told me that they'll eventually turn it into something other than a fitness room...but I think it will remain long enough to serve our purpose. He's always surprised that we get a signal in there...but it's faster than the one in the computer room. ::snort::

We spent the a.m. talking to Mom and Dad, Jamin, Josiah and BreAnne. Krista was at work. This will be great when the computer is running all day in our home - we'll have much more chance to catch stateside friends. It's "funny" we've not caught Nate and Heather yet as they are only one hour different from us in time.

We spent the afternoon schooling.

We are waiting up now to call the title company at 11:00 or midnight so that they can CLOSE ON OUR TX home. YES. Josiah, we are so proud of you for taking care of this for us. Can you believe that we have to close the morning of the closing? Not a day earlier??? ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...


It was great to talk to you all and to see you all. You will like the new color we have changed our faces to on the camera.... space age type color. :):):)

We couldn't get Nathaniel yesterday also. Anyway we will be able to talk when we do.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Darshia said...

Yeah!! So please you have the blessing of skyping w/loved ones now!

Wonderful that the Lord has arranged the closing of your TX home before you move into your new home. Tying up loose ends feels so good, doesn't it? How great that Josiah is there for you.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

I'm so happy to hear that your TX house has sold!

How cool that you found the fitness room to fit your needs pretty well while waiting for a house.

Cynthia said...

YEA! Glad the Skype is working.