Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One More Sleep

Shew...the kids and I packed up the TLF. We took two van loads of things over to the new house. Two neighbors were having things delivered. Our time is coming.

Other than that - I did nothing today. Hmmm....must have done something.

Oh, finished the Protestant News.

Melissa, a new friend, is loaning us a queen size air mattress, two sleeping bags and some sheets. I have to write it here so that I have a list somewhere because my brain is fading.

I also went to the BX for a few items.

Arielle, Mollie and Gracie are at drama club....and I'm downstairs wishing I could reach Bre but knowing it is on 4 a.m. in OR. LOL

One more sleep and we'll be in our new home. Now, don't think the blog will go silent. I'll update when I'm on base.

Jared and I were discussing today how this move has lasted 4 1/2 months...unbelievable. We commented that it was nice the "adventure" was over....and then we heard about Bre's car.... ::snort:: This is a summer our family will not soon forget.

Contemplating if THIS is the month I could order some food to ship from the natural co-op in TX....I'm sure missing a few items. LOL

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
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Anonymous said...


Dad/I have been praying for you all. Bet this was a fun day (your time) for you all to be in order to camp out in a house once again.... only this time it is in your permanent house and not just a loaner at EBC.

Let the fun begin.... receiving, unpacking, decorating and/or arranging, meeting close by friends as they are in their homes and etc.

love you all, continuing to pray for your all, --- Dad/Mom T.

Kim said...

YEAH! About the futons, we have been known to use one set for two people before. One gets the matress, and the other the bottom pad. Works for kids better than adults as floors are a bit harder than when you use both!

Remind me to tell you how to "clean" your futons when it is sunny out! OK, I'll tell you now - we hang them out on the fence/bar/whatever you have...then comes the fun part. Once they've sunned well, there are bamboo sticks you whack them with! The kids should LOVE this job. When I'm a bit tired of Japanese culture, it is a good time to whack futons too! However, don't whack the feather/down ones too aggressively, I'm told...don't remember why, but...