Monday, October 05, 2009

Alive and Well

Yes...we are busy moving. We have all the boxes unpacked...but all items have certainly not found a home.

We still don't have Internet. I'm at the library as Arielle, Molly and Gracie have middle school drama. I finished the Prot News and have a zillion other "internet things" to try to do in the next 10 minutes. LOL

I find myself REALLY missing the older kids now that we've unpacked. I fear, Mike thinks I thought they'd be in one of the boxes. ::snort::

I'm having "appliance" issues....had them out to fix them yesterday....but they aren't working again today. ::sigh::

Our area is lovely...gorgeous spot for morning walks...which I intend to do until the snow flies.

I bought a freezer. It will be delivered tomorrow a.m. I'll come back up to buy food to fill it tomorrow ...maybe load some photos....ack....drama is done.

Choosing Joy!
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Romany said...

I hope the girls enjoyed the Drama!

Looking forward to seeing pics of you in your new home.

vcitywife said...

So glad to hear that you are getting settled into your home on this side of the world! Welcome to SE Asia!

Jamie Z

Darshia said...

Praising the Lord you are in "your" home now.
Mike didn't go TDY did he? Usually your "appliance issues" wait 'till he's gone!{g} Seriously, praying they get all working normal and regular a.s.a.p!

Consider starting a count down for when your men arrive to help visualize when you'll see them again? Would it help ease the heartache? Praying God will open a way for your dd's to come home to you too. (Yes, I know they have lives and paths of their own, but a mother's loving heart and hearth is "home" too.)

I don't know anything about skype, but when I was browsing the sidebar widgets for Windows Vista I saw one that made me think of you. It showed who among Skype family/friends were on-line so you could talk. Do you have something like that so when your beloved blessings are active you can talk?

Praying through this transition time...

Anonymous said...


SOOOOO GOOODDD to hear from you again. No matter how old a kid or parent is....... the heart never changes. :):)

Love your kids in a box deal.... maybe I'll look in the attic to see if there happens to be a Mike/DeEtta or Nathaniel/Heather in some of the boxes stored there. :):):):):) A good idea.

Over the past weekend Bend area had 3" of snow so they say. It was sure cold here in the valley.

Is it your applainces or theirs that is giving you trouble? What kind of freezer did you get... an American style of Asian? We had both in the PI's and didn't see much difference.

Know you all must be very glad to be in your home. PTL and now just enjoy your life in Japan.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Yvonne said...

It's good to hear that things are becoming more settled. I'm praying for your mommy's heart today.

It is HARD when your heart walks around outside of you. I'm just learning that myself.


Debbie said...

Way to go getting the boxes unpacked so quickly. I'm sure the settling in as also driven home the idea that you are really staying and that some of your children aren't there. I pray for you often.

Renee said...

My guess is she had to get Asian style freezer since it's highly doubtful she'd have american electricity off-post.
Sorry to hear about the appliances problems - hopefully that can be resolved quickly and that it's a simple fix

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I kind of cracked up that you kids were going to DRAMA class, when you've all had so much drama in your normal lives, lately!

But then I kind of rebuked myself, because I've admired how well you handle it all without creating a lot of drama about it.

Praying that you get settled smoothly and things work the way they should,



DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks for your kind words and prayers, all.

Jamie - THANKS - it's been a long time coming to be at HOME in SE Asia. LOL

We got an American freezer - and it works wonderfully.

Darshia - I wondered about the applicans myself. I HATE calling folks out to work on things...feels like I'm troubling them. They it doen't....not sure if I'll live with it or call again. LOL