Monday, September 07, 2009


I am SO looking forward to using a computer without being surrounded by giggling, snorting teenage girls cutting up on Facebook in ways that I deem inappropriate. This is a sore test. ::snort::

We discovered the Statue of Liberty today. I'll blog later...when I don't have snorting teenagers and two skype calls going on around me. Come to think of it Jared has the laptop so I don't have access to my photos. LOL

While at the park another American came by. She has twins and I recognized her from the Weasel's Den, where I had chatted with her before. It turns out that she will live about 100 meters down the road from us. She told us about a new way to get to base. GREAT....through farm country instead of through the middle of town. She says it takes 10 min for her to get to base.....not bad at all.

I tried to learn about Skype....and the whole website was in Katakana. It wasn't helpful. I know if we download it and get the mic and camera working friends with computers can talk to us for free...but I want to pay for the service where you get a stateside phone number. The plan is to get one in Crescent City so that it is a local call for Mom and Dad G to call us.....but I have to figure out how to make it work.

We spent over 2 hours on the phone today with the boys....I'm going to try to get Skype working in the next day or so....and we'll come down to the computer room when everyone else is at work and school and give it a shot...but that may be a strange time stateside. Grrr.....

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Anonymous said...


school starts for me tomorrow. Have mixed feelings but need the hours so PTL FOR WORK!!! I think my job is pretty secure even if more cutbacks happen. I am one of the best workers in my position and so it I got axed and otherd didn't it would open up wide a face off concerning age etc. I HOWEVER will have to be sure to work very hard this year and never talk about how I feel if it is related to age. :):):) going to be a fun year.

Pray for Mikhail as Dad/I and also Sherri got an appointment for him to talk with the owner of a welding, heavy eqipment repair, and mechanic place to work as a paid apprentice..... Dad takes him over to talk to Jim tomorrow. Bet he starts working within a week.

Sunday was great and even Mikhail stayed home to enjoy the girls too.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


What a great opportunity for Mikhail. Praying for him. AND praying for you and Sherri as you return to School for the year.

Aracely said...

I hope you are able to figure out how to use Skype. :) It's a blessing for my husband and I even if we are in the same state but in different areas right now. :)

Please keep me in your prayers as I start my third year in college and that I'm graced with a job that enables me to go home to see my husband during the weekends. I'll keep you in my prayers. Thanks for being a blessing!


Nate Townsend said...

Ahhh, the joys of a public internet room; few things could me more enjoyable.  I don’t think I would use Skype in public either due to the privacy issues and the fact that it can be hard to hear. Will be nice to be able to “chat” with y’all though.

Cynthia said...

I hope you get it working ASAP. We've found it to be WONDERFUL. There is just no way we could afford to keep in voice contact with friends/relatives out of the country if not for Skype.

In all the time we've been using SKYPE only once or twice have we had a problem with the connection and it was apparently due to bad weather in Europe those particular times.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

We downloaded it in America....but it wasn't we uninstalled it and thought we'd reload the site is all in Japanese....I'll have to find someone who speaks Japanese well enough to show me which buttons to push. LOL

Anonymous said...


Just had a wonderful chat with Bre, Krista, Nathaniel and us. NEAT! Won't be long and we can all chat.

love/prayers --- Mom T

Unknown said...

I am so thrilled to read and see how things are progressing for you over there! The house looks really nice! and the new folks you are meeting must be helping to make the transition that much smoother!

BTW... I left you a little something here:

Miss you!