Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Blogging

I've been informed I've not really blogged since, some sort of record. ::snort::

Seriously, this has been a rough week. I've found myself off kilter. I'm tired of living in TLF and am ready to be able to truly make a home in Misawa. I've missed not having a PWOC kick off or Bible study to attend. I'm tired of trying to guess at what buttons to click on the computer when it's all in Japanese...WHY is it doing this again???? I've been struggling a lot this week with - well not HOMEsickness because this IS home...but CHILDsickness. I'm not the only one. Others here have mentioned at strange times missing one or the other of our four who "didn't want to come with us to Japan." ::snort:: Several of the "large" families moved out this week...and so the TLF seems emptier.

In all this I HAVE chosen to find the silver lining...but it's taken most my effort this week to live and school with a Christ like attitude...there's been little effort left to blog about it. Too real?

Honestly, it IS nice to run out of TLF in the morning for an adventure and return to freshly made beds, clean towels, and empty garbage cans. It IS nice to be on base and able to quickly make it to meetings. It IS nice to have time to really focus on establishing a school/fall routine before diving into a PWOC routine. It will be WONDERFUL to have a new chapel for studies, children's minister et al. I AM thrilled that our four older children are all serving the Lord with whole hearts. I AM thrilled that they are following His leading - even if that means we are separated.

However, it's time to blog....because it's gotten so bad my FAMILY has loaded photos to the computer, categorized the ones to publish on the blog, suggested I go blog now....because THEY like having a record of what we are here I am.

Mike's at work - the downside of a "4 day weekend" is that the work load doesn't disappear just because the work week was shortened. LOL The kids are playing their new love "table top football" or "finger flicking football"....I'd better ask WHAT it is....and I'm to stay down here until I catch the blog up and get photos loaded to Photobucket. I have my orders.

I love my family.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Tell Jared and Arielle "Thank you" for me....I've been wondering what in the world is going on with my familia? lol...I love you mom. I've had an ear ache the last couple of days. I feel like being a cranky found myself saying "I just want my mommy." You used to put medicine and cotton balls in my ears when they hurt before I went to bed. I'm not sure why...but I liked having cotton balls in my ears...It was like some sort of treat to have an ear ache when I was a know you are loved and missed as well...oh and the four of us are keeping in contact with eachother... anwyays..ttyl...

Bre G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

yeah, but a part of me wants the four of you to still be toddlers. ::snirt:: (sniff/snort)

Now, get Krista to put warm olive oil and cotton in your ear...and if it isn't better soon...go see the doc.

Anonymous said...


Like your new word for "CHILDSICKNESS" says it all for sure!! Know how you are feeling tho.... only difference is my kids are settled with great families and that helps a lot.

TLF living. Honey, it is not just TLF but also, trailer living, living in/near your two families for a good period of time, being away from Mike for so long, all the stress of getting you 6 left Stateside ready to go, THEA 4 IN STATESIDE COLLEGES, and unxpected
things coming up, and on/on I can go..... Great in fact! It is just fine to have times you have to kick youself in the _____ to keep on going. God is good and things always work out great in the end.

HOME: I for one am anxiouis to see just how you all fix things up as you move into your brand new house to become a home. YEAH!

I sure did love having the girls/boys helping me in our home in the PI's. Miss that here~ Maybe that is how I UN-LEARNED the art of house keeping. :):):)

So glad you focus on your blessings.

BLOG; Your blog is to record real things..... well you and Mikes's down times need to also be recorded for a proper family history showing how Crist always comes thru.


love/prayers --- Dad/Mom T

Michelle said...

{{{De'Etta}}} one of the hardest things in life for me to deal with is change. And that's always a constant. We are continually stretched and reformed. Thank God his grace is always sufficient at the exact moment we need it.

You and your family are continually in my prayers.

When will your house be move in ready?

I'm sure God has great plans in store for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, mom

Yeah I know what you mean this week has been hard I found myself wanting to cry on multiple occations. I think someone is moving into that house you guys stayed in. I came home from work and the lights were on in the kitchen and Arielle's and Stacia's room and for a split second I thought you guys were here... They have also started to take all the lower branches off of the tree we built the tree house in with the results that the tree house which was my special place to go when I missed you guys is now in a heap on the floor. Sometime I wish that i was still a toddler to but the Lord has better plans so "onward Christian Soldiers"

Kim said...

It is so good to hear how you are doing as well as your adventures! Seriously, seeing how you walk through those feelings helps me look at mine differently too.

About Japanese classes...have you looked into your local community center - off base? They often have free or really cheap classes for foreigners. Also, I need to send Jared a mail about "men's Japanese vs. women's". We ALWAY have this conversation with Jun. Daddy can say things this way, but Jun is a girl, so she says things this other way. Jared's right. There ARE men and women's Japanese.

That museum looks too wonderful! I want to do those fun things too! Let's put that on our list of things to do when we get to your house someday! I'm speaking that in FAITH!!!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks all.

Krista - ah man - dismantling our great tree house? ::snort:: Love you!

Kim, there is a community center in Misawa and in Hachinohe that offer Japanese classes. We've heard really good things about the one in Hachi. I really wanted a private tutor so that I didn't have to drive the road to Hachinohe in the winter - at night - but we are probably going to try it out this week and see. They are only Y4,000 per SEMESTER per person (semester ends in March) as opposed to $11 per person per hour per week..... I wanted the tutor mostly to have a local friend to show us the culutre and show us the things that most Americans don't go see....but I'll have to find one in another way. Maybe I'll advertise... ::snort::

Kim said...

De'Etta, The classes at the community centers may be small too...and a great place to meet Japanese people who want to befriend Americans. You can often "kengaku" observe a class for free to try it out. Also, your city hall "shiyakusho" may have a place to link foreigners up with locals for friendship. Another place to check out.