Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I doubt that I can do justice to our trip - but photos will go along way. By the time we left Japan, I knew that my life was about to make some big changes in Hawaii. I was hit with NERVES big time and Windy had to pray me out the door and on to the plane. Poor thing, she must have wondered what sort of psycho she was traveling with. ::snort::
Here we are - looking refreshed and excited to begin our really BIG ADVENTURE - bigger than our night out at the library! ::snort:: BTW - that's me on the left.
Two plane trips, one bus ride and a day later we were well welcomed in Honolulu.

Windy and I shared a room. Here's the view from our room.

Our group - and the brunette behind us on the left is from our first assignment. A highlight for me was seeing Julie and Sarah (both from Malmstrom AFB) again.
Sunday Morning, Brenda Marlin, PWOCI President, prayed for the next generation of women.

After the conference our group went out on a Catamaran. This couple touched a deep chord in me.
Ah - sailing....
Windy enjoys the ride....
and then....I got "violently ill"! Really. I threw up seven times on the Catamaran. The conference had concluded on a high point for me (and I'll blog that later), and this was a low point! ::snort:: I told God if he really loved me, He'd calm the waves like He did for the disciples...but He didn't.....Windy got ill too. Susane felt ill but held it together. I wasn't sure I'd make it back to the hotel when we landed. I figured God was helping me face my fear of motion sickness....afterall it can't get much more humiliating than what I went through on this trip. I'll spare you lots of the details. I was thankful that He was showing me that I could handle the worse and not fear flying and motion sickness. We made it back to the hotel. I slept. Everyone slept. We got up and went in search of a baked potatoe. I got sick again.
We got up early to fly back to Japan....I was sick. I got sick a couple of times before boarding the plane....slept most the way home....Susane had to go to the hospital in Hawaii. We chatted yesterday and I discovered that six women from Hickam and she and I seem to have contacted some sort of food it wasn't all motion sickness.
It really was a great trip. My traveling companions were precious. The time away was about right. I was able to see old friends.....the very ladies who introduced me to PWOC. There will be lots more photos as they are sent to me...but these give you the idea.
I'll have more to say in the next day or so. I need time to write it well. LOL If a picture is worth a thousand words, THIS one is worth a few million.

For those who recognize some of the ladies, yes, I'm the new PWOC Asia Region President...and I'm more humbled and more exhilerated than I can remember being in a very long time.

Time to run....Prot News is done and I'd like to get home to my babies.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...


Congrats again! You can do it and do a great job at it! One of my co-workers, Carol, here in Springfield, has a daughter, Traci, who is always active in PWOC wherever she is in the world. Kinda nice to share about stuff happening with you with someone who knows and cares. :):)

View is beautiful and makes me think of home in the PI's. Sorry about the food poisioning but pray you are totally over it by now.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

Whooo hooooo! I have been praying like crazy for you! Sorry you got sick!
Can't wait to hear all about the conference!
I know I am getting very excited about ours-next week!!!

Kristine said...

((DeEtta!!)) What a trip, wow. Awful about the food poisoning, you poor things. How exciting to see God at work with you in PWOC!

Renee said...

Woohoo.... President? Did you go there knowing that could happen or was it a surprise?
Sorry to hear about being sick

Anonymous said...

Hi there, my blogging-friend-turned-partner-in-ministry! I left you a note over on FB but wanted to say it here, too. (Again, I'm not yelling, just very excited...)

I AM SO PROUD OF YOU for be willing to be used of God in such a strategic location in the world! The Great Commission will go forth from the new Asia Region and its first board. God bless you and yours as you venture forth in obedience and passion!!

Cynthia said...

Sorry you got sick.. UGH... food poisoning on top of motion sickness can't be good.

Congrats!! What an awesomely exciting position!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my goodness...

Congrats on your new position! And I have to say (giggle giggle) that your honesty about the trip tempered some of my envy :0)


Darshia said...

Oh so sorry about the sickness! Blech. I hope the positives of fellowship and scenery offset the negatives of illness?.

Congratulations on the PWOC position! It doesn't surprise me God has raised you up to this. You are creative, dedicated, intelligent, trustworthy and more. A wise choice was made in placing you as the Asia Region President.

Praying our Lord continues leading you in His will and arranges your schedule so you and yours don't feel stressed with all the life changes and additional duties.

Romany said...

Wow! You're President of Asia! Tony Blair looks likely to be President of Europe, so you, he and Barack Obama can rule the world! ROTFLOL!

Sorry you all got food poisoning. What a horrible way to end the trip.

Thanks for posting the pics.

Jamin said...

Looks like fun. I'm jealous now as the weather starts getting colder here! (guess I don't have much to complain about though :)

Debbie said... poisoning...not fun at all. Your trip looks wonderful and congrats on the "promotion". I know you will do a terrific job.

Jodi said...

Hawaii looks wonderful!

Ugh about the sickness. Hope you're all better now.