Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let the Lessons Begin (10-28)


Wednesday afternoon was the start of our family Japanese Language Lessons with Akiko. She relates well with the children. I had hoped she would. They loved the interaction with her. She followed their lead to teach them words to say what they wanted to tell her.

She has told Arielle, Jared and I to get busy and learn Hiragana so that we can read the text book she brought. ::snort:: The littles have picture books and a Japanese Children dictionary to work with. Jared took notes of the words we learned and typed them up into a review sheet for us.

We'll continue with our Pimsleur CD's and I'll probably buy a few more things, but having an expert to correct our pronunciation and answer all our questions is invaluable. I had expected to pay Y5,000 a week for our lessons. She gave us the first one free and said that she'll only take Y3,000 a week.

I'm going to venture to Hachinohe this week in search of a keyboard so that Piano lessons can begin next week.

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Anonymous said...

How neat to have a private language teacher. Glad the kids relate to her so well.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Jodi said...

You'll soon be speaking like pros!