Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Things of Some Significance

I can't find my camera battery charger.

I can't take photos until I find a new battery charger somewhere.

I can't buy printer ink for my printer here.

I can't find computer paper or file folders.

I'm surprised to enjoy serving our local PWOC as an Interim Children's Ministry Coordinator….I'm gleaning lots of great new teaching illustrations for down the road. ::snort:: Yes, gals who've served with me in the past, you read that right. It's not ME - it's GOT TO BE a work of GOD in my life, as teaching groups of others' little children has not been my thing in the past.

There are big birds that honk like geese flying over our home. This happened last night and this a.m. They always head in the same direction - away from this northern tip of Honshu. Can this be a sign that winter is coming? I wonder what the birds are….big ducks, geese, cranes….

FIVE women from our base are flying to Hawaii on Friday (We are also flying away from the Northern tip of Honshu ::snort::). Please pray for our travels, our relationships, our families at home, and our time away with Jesus. We will be attending the Pacific Region's PWOC (women's ministry) conference. The new Asia Region of PWOC will be birthed at this conference. God is moving.

I put a roast and veggies in my crock pot on low at 6:40 a.m. At 6:00 p.m., the veggies were still crunchy. I suspect voltage and the low setting….maybe I need to use the high setting while we are here - what will that do to yogurt making?

I can't find a live yogurt culture, but Deja reminded me of yogamet or some such thing.

I've been blessed with good friends….both in TX, in Japan, in cyber land and all over the world.

However, calling good friends at 1 a.m. is not advisable. ::snort:: Sorry, Deja, Beth, and Julie….I can only rejoice that no one picked up the phone and I'm being much more careful this week.

I plan to order a "few" things I NEED from the TX co-op and have them shipped here….my way of working around a commissary that seems content to say, "We're the end of the AFES line, we get what the other bases don't want". Humph….

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Kim said...

Crock-pot - yep, the electricity is slower here. You should try high and then may need a converter for it. My cordless phone from the US wouldn't recharge well here without a $30 converter! SHould have just bought a phone here. Also, electric things from the US with clocks/timers will be affected

So glad to hear you are on your way to Hawaii! I was wondering how it was working out!

The "standard" paper size here is A4. It is a little longer and narrower than "Letter" sized paper, but your printer can be adjusted for it just fine. You can get it at any department store. What kind of printer do you have? Maybe I can help with finding ink till you find a source there.

And you are the 3-4th friend I have who's camera is out of order. Ours is too! ARGH!!!

Take care!

Anonymous said...


So good to be hearing from you.

Those packages, any size, we have been sending only cost between 10-11 dollars each. Do you want to send me the info I need and I'll pack one just for you of the things you mentioned? Let me know and in a day it will be on it's way. Am sure I can get anything here.

:):):) Kids ministry..... you will be good at it..... always interesting how the Lord leads us so many directions during our life.

The birds flying over Springfield seem to be a bit confused this year. Ever since you were little the geese going south have landed and spent quite a few days eating in the fields off Centennial where an old airport use to be. Well there is a lot of stuff going on there.... not sure if it is just going to be a place to store heavy equipment or if the entire area is going to be developed. Suspect development. :(:(:( I love this time of year and spring when geese etc fly and when all the colors happen etc.

Will be praying for you 5 as you head for Hawaii and especially for you.

love/prayers - Mom T.

Renee said...

I'm surprised the crockpot did anything at all. When in Germany (offpost) we had to use everything with a converter (unless it was listed as dual voltage) or buy new. I know I had to buy a 220 crockpot.

In Korea, we didn't have problems because we lived on post where the electricity was converted throughout post by the govt.

things with timers will flat out not work properly because of the cycle differences (US is 60, Germany was 50, not sure about Asian countries)

Your commissary should be able to order you things from the larger commissaries in Japan as long as it's in their system. Ask the manager - but you will have to order a case.

As far as ink and paper, you should be able to easily order that online

Cynthia said...

I hope you have a great trip! Have fun flying! If you had called here, I would have answered. I always keep both my house phone and cell phone beside the bed now that Amanda has moved out.

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

I am still jealous that you all are in Japan! :)

Have fun in Hawaii! If you see/meet Wanda PLEASE give her a HUG from me! She is AWESOME!

As for the 1 am calls-you could call me I am usually up! lol :)

If you need anything I can ship it to you-just ask!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cindy and Bobbie Jo - I'll remembe this...in fact I'm here at the library and it is 1 a.m. again in TX....no one to call....BJ are you on skype?

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...


Japan's electricity isn't a LOT different than America so most things work well...you are right that timers don't.... and evidently low speeds on mixers and such.

The it's 100 instead of 110 and 50 instead of 60 if that means anything. LOL

Romany said...

I Hope you all have a great weekend in Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

We love talking to you so call anytime. I almost always have both the land and cell phones with me when home and that includes sleeping.

l/p --- Mom T.

Renee said...

The it's 100 instead of 110 and 50 instead of 60 if that means anything. LOL

It does mean something :) the 50 instead of 60 is why timers/clocks don't work.
and since it's 100 instead of 110, things aren't getting enough electricity (I think) --- but that small difference is weird that the crockpot didn't work......