Saturday, October 31, 2009

Newst Birth Story

{I've decided to remove names of those who may want more privacy than my blog provides.}

I've got a birth story to share today. This is LONG and most of you will not read it to the end, but I need to get it all captured. I need to share what God has done and the new adventure He is leading me (and our family) on.

Five years ago a dear saint in the Gospel service at Elmendorf AFB, Sister S, prophesied to me that I was pregnant with a new work that God desired to birth into the kingdom. I was to obey - rather than sacrifice. I was to be aware that I had conceived something that would be birthed into the Kingdom. FIVE YEARS AGO! At the time, I waited and wondered. We were busy with ministry - too busy. We saw fruit from our ministry, but nothing that I would consider a "birth".

When we moved to San Angelo four years ago, God clearly chastised me for being so busy with outside ministry; ministry inside our home had suffered. I apologized to my children, repeatedly. I cried more than a few tears over the time I'd lost with our older children due to out of balance ministry. He clearly told me that now was not the season for me to speak at retreats. I quit. I was also to teach no more than ONE weekly study. I was to "get my house in order". Longtime blog readers and friends will remember this season.

It was tough. There were tears. I knew I was doing what I needed to do. God opened new avenues of ministry that were birthed from home. Our family grew, I kept track of volunteer hours until I got a feel for what "balance" and "boundaries" looked like. Our home was in order….and we knew that a move would be coming in the summer of 09.

God taught me much about surrender and contentment in 2005 - 2009. I had to surrender ministry, my good health, the twins we lost and the pregnancies that didn't follow…..and I grew ever more dependent on intimacy with God.

As summer 09 approached, I sensed God speaking to me. I KNEW I was NOT to get as involved in local women's ministry as I have been for the past 10 years. This confused me. I knew that I had ministry in balance….I knew that God was pleased. Through times of prayer, and with advice of mentors, I became certain God wanted me to broaden my "sight". He was about to release me to serve again, but I wasn't going to be serving on the local level. In fact, I was certain I was to request consideration to be a PWOCI Region President. I was shocked when word of our move came and it was NOT in Central Region. I must have heard God wrong, or maybe He only wanted me to surrender and be willing, but wasn't going to require it of me. Believe me, I was fine with this. ::snort::

When we heard we were to move to Misawa, Japan….I was excited. God continued to speak to me during our intimate trysts. (Alright, B, I know…stay with me here. ::snort:) I became convinced that God was answering my prayers over the years for Asia. It's been my hope God would move us to Asia as missionaries when Mike retires. We had no idea God was going to move us to Asia while we were IN the military. We became convinced that God had good things for our family, for those we'd minister to at Misawa AB, and for our neighbors, through our move to Japan. This resolve was tested through the spring and summer. We knew even more that God was on the move. I continued to hear God say to pull back from local PWOC (women's ministry) leadership. When asked about serving in PWOC at Misawa I communicated that I wouldn't be a President…but that I desired to be a strong support of the local board.

What a PCS we had. Only NOW are we starting to feel like the move is over…..and then God reminded me He had TOLD ME TO SUBMIT MY NAME FOR CONSIDERATION FOR REGIONAL WOMEN'S MINISTRY LEADERSHIP. I decided it was a simple matter of obedience. I didn't expect to be selected, but knew I had to obey. I would let nothing keep me from obeying after the lessons of the past five years.

Change is afoot in PWOC Pacific Region. The decision had been made for the Pacific Region to birth a new region. Asia Region consists of Japan and Korea and Pacific Region now includes Guam and Hawaii. I got to the region late in the process. I heard packages were already being considered. God wouldn't let me off the hook. I submitted my request for consideration and made it clear that I was willing to be a cheerleader or serve in any position, as well as the position I submitted my name for (not President; that seemed to presumptious).


Tuesday, 20 Oct, I had a telephone interview/conference call. By the questions and discussion I began to realize that I was being considered for a different position than I'd 'applied' for. I told Mike I thought they were considering me for President. He confirmed that he'd thought this may happen and was supportive of all it would mean for our family.

Tuesday night I had a dream. I dreamed that I was giving birth. My heart has questioned why we've not had babies since the loss of our twins. We've desired children. I dreamed I gave birth to a beautiful daughter. I woke up praying, "Father, she's beautiful. She could only have come from the hand of God." I KNEW that this was a prophetic dream (and I don't claim having had a prophetic dream before) but I KNEW the dream was telling me that I was going to be involved in the birthing of Asia Region and that she was from the hand of God. I also knew that THIS was what Sister S had prophesied five years ago.

Wednesday, 21 Oct, I was walking in the fields when Mike called. He told me that there was an email there from the Leadership Selection Team and wanted to know if I'd like him to read it to me. They invited me to consider accepting the role of Asia Region President. I was overwhelmed, terrified, stunned; yet my spirit was leaping! I can't describe it. I was stunned…and yet pieces began to fall into place….the insistence on getting my home in order, the lessons of the past five or six years, the lessons on balance and boundary, the times of intimacy with God these past months, the spiritual warfare to ARRIVE in Asia, the firm conviction that I was not to lead at our new base. I hung up with tears streaming down my face.

Friday, 23 Oct we left for Hawaii. I was still stunned and had a bad case of nerves. I realized that this new position would involve a lot of travel. It's not that I don't like to travel. I get motion sick….bad. It was a sacrifice I would need to make. I was willing to (excuse me) puke for Jesus if need be. I only knew that I WAS obeying. Windy prayed me out the door of our home. Thanks, friend.

Saturday, 24 Oct. It felt like a hug from God that the two women who introduced me to PWOC, over 12 years ago at Malmstrom AFB, MT, were both at this conference in Hawaii. I hope it brought joy for them to see the seed they'd planted bear fruit.


Sunday, 25 Oct I was installed as President. Later, as T (new VP) and I met with the new Pacific President and the International President and International Titus 2, more pieces fell into place. R shared that she felt that this was a birth. That for four or five years she'd had dreams of birth and babies and is past having babies….but that THIS is what she was waiting for. I shared the word I was given five years ago and my dream….and we all sat in awe of what God had worked. T shared her story and it also confirmed that God had laid the birth of this new region on hearts years ago. AND He faithfully led each of us to the right spot, at the right time.

That afternoon I went out on a Catamaran with the Misawa ladies and proceeded to get sick over and over….and I knew that I could handle the travel with this position because I managed to get off that boat and walk to my bed. ::snort:: Of course, I had four other women helping me…maybe I need a travel team. LOL

And now? I'm still stunned…but in a good way. God whispers to me that He led me to this place and that He will continue to lead me. I've determined to wait for Him to clarify His vision for this new region, to wait for Him to clarify who I should invite to join the leadership team, and to build a prayer team as I wait. This region has been conceived and birthed in prayer….it's o.k. for us to bathe these early decisions in prayer. The position I've accepted is a two year commitment.

I'm still in awe and humbled that God has led me to this spot….I was terrified that I'd blow the whole boundary/balance thing but Mike tells me we've learned lessons since Alaska…

This is my latest birth story. I'm able, now, to see one reason I may not be blessed with an infant….it seems God is truly moving me into new seasons…..and I still struggle at times, but I've learned it's much more of an adventure to surrender.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.

~ Coram Deo ~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Well, I read through the whole thing.
Is there a prize for that? LOL I think you know that the prize is the JOY that is set before us when we take on this race of faith. THANK YOU for sharing the story, and even more, for obedience and perseverance. I'd like to ask you to get this blog ready to post on the new Asia Region webpage - and also a shorter version for the blog on the PWOCI site.

I'm still so amazed at and thankful to God for introducing us through so many "random" means - and welcome aboard the team! Our kindred-spirit hearts for Asia are always encouraging to me. So excited to see this little girl (Asia) grow up in the nurture and admonition of the LORD!


Anonymous said...


Have a neat article from Christianity Today I am sending in this months box..... hope it will be something that blesses you.

Love the way God is leading you. Love the way you and Mike have learned to hear and obey the Lord. Love and am excited to go on this journey you will be on with you in prayer.

Just so excited to have something in specific to pray about in Asia.... those of my kids in Japan and those of my kids in China.

love/prayers to the G's and N/H.

Dad/Mom in O.

Anonymous said...

Bet you will be thanking God motion sickness pills were discovered etc.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Michelle said...

God is so good!

Cory gets terrible motion sickness as well. Sea Bands seem to help him.

Just me~Bobbie Jo said...

I read the whole thing with tears in my eyes! Just WOW!!! WOW!!!
God is so good!

Kristine said...

DeEtta, I loved reading of your blessings of persevering, the recap of how you've drawn closer to Jesus through all of this. You are an encouragement to many of us, to *never* stop seeking His will for each of us.

What an exciting new road you are on, I'm about ready to join PWOC myself. (lol)

Jodi said...


Debbie said...

I read right to the end and it is such a blessing to see how God set everything up just right to work His plan out at the right time.

Your faithfulness in listening to His voice is an encouragement to all of us who seem sort of floundering at the moment.


Linda said...

what an AMAZING story! Your perseverance in obeying God's word, throughout all the time is a wonderful blessing to all those in the Asia Region who will reap from the birth you've described. Congratulations to you!

berrypatch said...

I got goosebumps. I got tears. What an amazing story of waiting on the Lord. Thank you for sharing it all. Congrats on your new position as well. I'm sure you'll do well.

timsarmywifey said...

Wow DeEtta! So cool what God does isn't it... and truly an encouragement to me with things going on in my life at present. I know you will be both blessed and a blessing to/in the new Asia Region! Soli Deo Gloria my friend!

Love and hugs!