Saturday, October 31, 2009

Date Night - New Toy (10-30)

Mike seemed a bit hesitant for me to venture to the big city of Hachinohe alone (about 40 min away). I'm not sure if he worried about the chaotic traffic or the specific errand I was on: to buy a keyboard so the kids can begin lessons. ::snort::

After he got home from his day off (::snort::) we headed out. Jared and the kids were armed with movies, pizza and Rodney and Windy's number.

We started with Toys R Us first as Christine, our teacher, had seen a keyboard she thought was o.k. there for $300. They only keyboards in stock were $200….Mike didn't like them. We went to Pia Do mall….no keyboards. We found Tech World….lots of keyboards and digital pianos but they had to be ordered. They directed us to a store that started with the letter K and promptly switched to kanji. They had the digital piano Mike wanted IN STOCK.

By this time the restaurants were closing. We grabbed dinner at KFC and headed home. We stopped for a moonlit look at Momoishi beach and counted it good.


The kids were suitably surprised to see the "keyboard". Arielle has been practicing. Stacia found the "demo" button and is convinced SHE is playing the amazingly complicated classical music that is ringing throughout the house. ::snort::

We left our piano in storage as we expected to be in a tiny base house. We also worried about tuning it again after the shipment and storage….I think we made a good decision. This may well be our "travel piano" until we retire from the military.

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Anonymous said...


What a cutie. Just wait till she finds out she has to play a bit different when she takes lessons. Looks like a terrific keyboard. Don't you just love surprising kids and seeing their faces.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Jodi said...

How fun! LOL about Stacia thinking she is playing complicated music-cute!

Deja said...

When did Stacia start to look so old?!?!? I'm so glad that life is starting to be 'normal' for you. When are you starting a produce coop?! ::snort::

Jamin said...

You're right, Deja! Stacia looks a lot older in that picture lol

Romany said...

How nice to have a keyboard to practice on.

You were right to leave your piano behind. When we moved to Toronto from London, we were advised not to take our beautiful piano because the changes in temps and humiditiy on the voyge would have ruined it. So, we gave it away.

{sigh} Now we have a honky-tonk one we bought for £10 at the town dump! Oh well!

Lois said...

Life must be getting normal if piano lessons have descended. Isn't it a good thing notes aren't written in Japanese?

Linda said...

I TOTALLY agree about leaving a piano in a bandmaster's wife, I have heard way too many horror stories about piano destruction by the less-than-caring movers and packers. Because of my husband's career, most of his soldiers have (or HAVE had) a piano in their PRO gear (it IS a blessing to be a musician in that case...the weight of a piano is not counted). Cracked soundboards...strings actually cut or removed from the piano (apparently they thought they were copper?), broken legs, lids, benches, etc. I don't know that I have heard of one piano surviving a move unscathed.

We too, have been looking for a piano. We avoided the clavinova for the same reasons as a piano. While the weight is much less, there is still a LARGE damage factor. We finally settled on a Yamaha P-85 keyboard with stand. We can pack the keyboard in our car or van and avoid the HHG shipment all together! We bought it this weekend as well! My kids will be starting lessons soon, too.

Cynthia said...

YEA! It'll be much lighter to pack around, that's for sure!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes - back to normal....