Thursday, November 12, 2009

"That Homey Feeling" and other thoughts

I replied to comment somewhere on here yesterday that I was surprised it did NOT feel like home when I returned from Hawaii. Which caused some old 70's song about some sort of feeling...."you've lost that..." to play through my mind incessantly. ANYWAY..... I've been pondering.

It never feels like HOME to me until friends and family from OTHER places visit and SEE our home.... I think I'm going to do a virtual bloggy home tour next week and invite y'all into our new home, because it's going to be quite a bit of time before any of you take us up on the offer to visit. ::snort::

However, today, I hit on another thing that makes a house feel more like MY HOME. I had three wonderful women join me for lunch and the start of a new Bible Study in our home. I'm calling it PWOC South. ::snort:: We're doing the study the "main group" is doing, but for one reason or another the time doesn't work for all who are coming here. I don't think I've EVER hosted a Bible Study in my home....I went straight to teaching in Women's Ministries in my 20's. This was lovely. Intimate. I believe God has put a good mix together.

Erika's presence ministered to me greatly. She's a 25 yo young lady who was homeschooled K - 12. She reminds me of my daughters. She says I'm a lot like her mom. She thinks I'll really like her mom too. She's the oldest of 7 children...and the youngest in their family is 4. Our family is sort of a mirror family of hers. She and her dh work with our youth. The other women blessed me as well. Windy, how incredible to have a friend in the neighborhood who can walk over...and now we can study together too. Twyla, you are simply a jewel.... I'm looking forward to the next nine weeks with these ladies (and any others who may join us next week). In the process of opening our home to those who ARE here, it helped ease the loneliness for those who CAN'T be here. (Josiah and Jamin, never fear, I'll keep the butterfly net handy. ::snort::) For those who are aware of my mixed reviews on previous Beth Moore studies...well...I'm EXCITED for this study. I could have done without calling it the "Book of Estrogen," or quite so many "girlfriend" comments... but the stories she shared will have me laughing for days to come. Frankly, I think I'm becoming more girly and touchy feely as I age. HORRORS! ::snort::

OH - TEA!!! This is the first time that I was able to pull out all the tea things and have tea with the ladies since we moved. Dinner's in the oven...meatloaf, leftover kaiser rolls, rice, salad, carrot sticks and tortellinis. See....the week is nearly over and I cooked REAL food all week. I can do this even in Japan. ::snort::

Psst...I've also heard the Beth Moore Daniel study is really good.

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Cynthia said...

Sounds like a very special time! Yea for a tea party.

Anonymous said...


For sure now it is home when you can have tea with others. Bet you will enjoy having the ladies over for Bible Study weekly. NICE and will of course be praying for you. Was nice to talk to you a short bit this morning. Have to get ready for school tho and here I am still on the computer. yikes!! love/prayers -- Mom T.

Anonymous said...


Won't be long and you will have ALL your imediate family together and then you will feel TOTALLY at home.

Looking forward to reading all about your time together and Christmas.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well...they aren't going to be here FOR CHRISTMAS...but soon after. LOL The three dependents can only fly in once a week - on Mondays....none of them can come the 21st. LOL