Saturday, January 02, 2010

Bre & Krista are in the Air

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

The day began bright and early as we took Bre to the Misawa Train Station.

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

She is to have 3 train rides, an international flight and a car trip to get home to OR. It is hard to say goodbye...but knowing how well the girls are enjoying, adjusting and thriving in their current lives does make it a bit easier.

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

We love you, Bre. We are so glad we had this past week with you.

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

Bre was placed on the Honor Roll at college this semester. Her gpa is 3.94. She's been working 16 - 30 hours a week, teaches a 5th grade Sunday School class and is planning on being in an upcoming college drama. She'll be serving an internship this summer and finishing up her college career next year. She's working towards a Bachelors Degree in Counseling.

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

After we dropped Bre at the train station we headed for breakfast at Burger King. We were hit with irony as we sat at 7:45 a.m. on 2 Jan and watched the LIVE Rose Bowl...the DUCKS were playing. Eugene is the home of the Ducks.

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes
A quick update on Krista...she is also on the Honor Roll this semester. I can't remember how many are on it, but I know that it's impressive that both girls are on it. The number is small. She carries a 3.84 gpa. Krista works nearly full time at night for a cleaning company. The very same one her father and I worked at when we attended Eugene Bible College. ::snort:: She helps weekly with Early Release Children's Bible Clubs, she teaches pre-school and nursery weekly at her church and is looking to do a foreign missions internship this summer. She is looking to either Italy, the Middle East or Japan. I'm praying for God's will, but letting Him know what I think too. ::snort::
From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

"Seen Through a Glass"...this time came far to fast....

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

Wait! We spot some phones and prolong the vacation. ::snort::

From 2010-01-02 goodbyes

We love you Krista! What a joy it was to spend time with you and hear your heart these past few days.

A funny from Krista's trip over.....she was asked, "Has anyone asked you to bring things into Japan?" (See where this is going?)

She replied, "Yes."

She was then asked to itemize...."8 jackets, 6 pairs of jeans, 150 file folders, 100 pieces of colored printer paper, 3 blank ink cartridges, 4 color ink cartridges, make up...."

"GO AHEAD, never mind," she was told. ::snort::

Bre should be home in Portland in about 7 hours. She'll drive down to Eugene with my folks. Krista has another 6 plus hours to arrive in SEA. She'll spend the night and day there and fly on down tomorrow.

The girls are a huge help to me when they are home. Stacia came down as I was cooking and asked if I'd like her to go get Arielle to be my "cooking friend". ::snort::

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Anonymous said...


"Cooking Friend" how cute. Maybe she is going to end up you "CF" too.

Poor Ducks. It was said they were favored to win 3:1. Just a lot of things happened as they played that they don't generally do. AND the other team is BIG!!! Anyway, next year and with this team being mostly underclassmen and a lot of freshmen.......... there will be advances. Next Year! Sure glad we don't spend so much money going and following the Ducks in person. I like seeing all the close ups on TV that one can't see when there. We had excitement anyway as we watched.

Those glass windows at the airport make things interesting..... Kinda like it.

love/prayers --- Mom T.

Romany said...

Hi D,

Glad you have been having a great time with the big kids!

Could you please do me a favour? My computer crashed and I lost loads of files/info/photos(eek!) and email addresses. Could you please send me Windy's email address and blog address? I have a new laptop but I am struggling to come to grips with it and have no addresses yet.

Sorry to ask this in a blog comment.

Cynthia said...

You are so blessed to have younger daughters. I'm already looking ahead 2-3 years and realizing that it's going to be pretty lonely around here after our 2nd dd moves out in the not too distant future. Our oldest son is always out with his dad and it won't be long before our youngest son is doing the same and by then I'm guessing Em will be gone... so, I'm looking at being alone in the kitchen in the next couple years and I'm NOT liking it! I keep saying we need to either have a couple more of our own or adopt a couple of daughters younger than our youngest son (LOL). So far no one is on board with either of those ideas.

Darshia said...

It's wonderful how well your adult dd's are doing. Not surprising, since you set excellent examples giving and living your best for your family.

Linda said...

It must have been a huge adjustment when the girls first moved out. Landon is my big helper (not that he does a lot in the kitchen on his own) but he always has such a cheerful attitude about doing anything I request. It'll be tough when he's gone.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Love her sense of humor!

One time we sailed into Canada and the customs officer mistakenly asked us, "Do you have anything on the boat other than alcohol or weapons?"

Hmmm... where to start...

Happy New Year,


DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Love it, Julie. LOL