Saturday, January 16, 2010

Disappointing Day

Today was a sad day. Zander was invited to a birthday party. He's been counting down to the day. In fact, he KNEW it was the day after Josiah left, and it had become somewhat standard for him to ask Josiah how many more days he would be here and then say, "And the next day is John's birthday party."

Unfortunately, today was snowy, windy, near white out conditions at time....we estimate somewhere between 10 - 12 inches again...based on the new amounts on the fort, road, and my car. ::snort:: I KNEW the drive was beyond my driving ability. Mike started out with Zander....but they returned. They couldn't see the road. So....we're home bound. Zander was disappointed. We promised to invite John over for cupcakes or cakes and give him his gift. A play date should help to make it up. We missed another birthday this a.m. - Ricky's. BUT we'd not told Stacia about it, so she wasn't sad.

The boys' facebook shows that they are home in TX.

Stacia dons a scarf from Afghanistan and finds a new dancing partner.
From 2010-01-16
Pass the Bomb (13 and up) is a new game we found at the BX. It's HARD but fun. You are given letter combinations and have to come up with words that contain those letters as you pass the bomb. Yes, it explodes. Now I see there is a JR version of the game (5 years and up). Hmmm....
From 2010-01-16
Stacia is our simple chaos factor
From 2010-01-16
After the real game was over we played hot potato with the bomb
From 2010-01-16
We started reading, "Nate Saint:On a Wing and a Prayer," by Janet & Geoff Benge.

The younger ones are watching, "Fancy Pants" (Bob Hope). Jared and Mike are tired from snow shoveling and have called it a night. I'm going to join the kids and try to stay awake through the movie.

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Renee said...

Oh my!!!! so it sounds like there might be days that Mike won't even be able to get to work..

Anonymous said...


SNOW! A blessing at times and other times........ pesky! Tell Alexander we are sorry but know he will have a blast when he gets to party with his friend later....

Stacia looks neat in her dance outfit.... way to go Nolan! It's all up to you and Jared now to be her dance partners. Bet she will even try to get Alexander to dance by-n-by. I can imagine that :):)

Games sound fun. I might even be able to play..... :):)

Just a few more days and my time off will be over...... Have sure enjoyed the long time off. love/prayers --- Mom T.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom - living the life of luxury?

Renee - No, Mike's made it to work....the one day he was off and they had a "report later" date...this is the weekend and should be fine by tomorrow....I guess when we have these BAD storms, it's common to have a report late time.....and that is helpful.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hmm....then again, a thought...THEY wouldn't allow us to live on base....guess if we don't make it in for a few will be o.k. LOL I'll have to explore this. ::snort:: JUST KIDDING! I do know AWANA, Bible Studies etc were cancelled last week.....schools started late....I hear they rarely take the whole day off around here.

MrsAlbrecht said...

Finally, it stopped snowing here. Church today was at a retreat place, with snow tubing afterward.

We are _very_ sad because we're all quite sick with a terrible cough and it would be unwise to go.

Hugs to your disappointed crew! Between snow and coughs this year, we're feeling quite stuck!

Much love,
Sarah Joy Albrecht

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well, Sarah, if it stopped snowing up there, then it is sure to stop snowing down here very soon. LOL