Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday Already?

The pace DID slow down after this weekend.

The Chaplain Spouses started our week with breakfast together, hosted by our Wing Chaplain's Wife. I do wish each chaplain's wife could be blessed with support like Annette, but since we aren't....I'm thrilled God saw fit to give her to us! ::grin::

I worked on and finished two more PORFs for regional travel. It would appear I'm really going to be traveling a lot in the near future. This caused me great angst. I do NOT love looking for airline tickets...and it's only harder when I have no clue when I'll be able to BUY the tickets. I hope I guessed amounts right. I went with the mid-high price tickets, as the cheap ones may be gone when we get approval.

This reminds me that I need to book a ticket for Nate, the GREAT, who is going to watch the kids for a couple of weeks in March.

I started the selection process with our local PWOC board. They requested I help their team.

I wrote a President's Letter for PWOC. Go check out Asia Region's Blog, find a post and leave a comment...even if you aren't PWOC. Tell Lauren what a great job she's done. It's very warm and welcoming. I love my tab....I didn't want "President," because I didn't. ::blush:: So she made me a tab that says, "What's De'Etta Up To?" I keep hoping the answer will be up there one of these days. ::snort::

We've gotten three days of school done, piano lessons, drama and Japanese lessons.

I've loved Polish Pottery for years but couldn't see spending so much for plates. Then Windy and Annette both told me they USE their Polish Pottery and it holds up well. Our BX doesn't often carry it. At the spouse breakfast everyone was talking about the pottery over at the BX. After breakfast I found 4 plates. I was shocked at the price. Renee assured me mismatched is the rage. ::snort:: I decided I'd buy the 4 plates they have and see how they old up. THEN I remembered I had three electric blue plates which haven't broken (3/16).

From 2010-01-27
From 2010-01-27

I baked bread today - *Hamburger Buns for our BBQ Chicken Sandwiches. This is HUGE...baking bread signifies that I'm HOME, I've SETTLED, a new ROUTINE is established (as scattered as it is). ::snort::
From 2010-01-27

*I can't believe the recipe isn't on the blog. I'll have to fix that some day soon. It's a good week....and it's over 1/2 over. OH, an exercise began today...that should make the rest of the week interesting.....and....and....:::drum roll::

My college friend, Kim, and her little girl are coming up this weekend from Tokyo. I can't wait to see them.

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Linda said...

Waiting with baited breath for the hamburger bun recipe! They really look perfect.

Cynthia said...

YEP! Mismatched is definitely the IN THING now! NICE!

Romany said...

What is it with Air Force women and that Polish pottery? LOL! It *is* pretty.

I have plenty of mismatched blue crockery but none of it is Polish. {g}

Anonymous said...

how neat for you to see Kim. Bet the kids will all enjoy. love/prayers --- Mom t.